• [2018/06/22]
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Fights Plz tone down the triple threat of enhanced AI, unresponsive block and rampant BB3


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Apr 23, 2018
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As noted by @TonyPartridge30, @UltimateShowstopper and others, the current enemy BB3 abuse and unresponsive block stick out like a sore thumb.

Apart from the now comparatively unpredictable AI combo execution, AI’s ridiculous reaction time remains one of the major sources of player indignation. More often than before (before ver. 2.5) high-level (and I’m not even talking about 30+ win streak) AI pulls off counters or BBs (not BB3s) when your move is 2/3 the way into its execution and way into the enemy hit-box. AI counter can happen even when you’re furiously tapping before L5. I’m sure many of you have the experience of watching your move land when suddenly the animation slows and a BB is in your face.

I personally don’t have that much of an issue with BB3 spam, as it’s only fair the enemy gets to do what we can, though admittedly this leads to too much emphasis on the use of BB containment specialists and moved. Neither does the off-tempo and eclectic AI combo seem skewed heavily in AI’s favor. But I’m pretty sure the unresponsive block and superhuman reaction really get on ppl’s nerves.

Overall I like the surge in difficulty, but plz eliminate or at least tone down the conspicuously unreasonable Impediments to players.

Or perhaps just dial down one of the issues mentioned above in consideration of casual players? Or maybe give us a difficulty options with exp gain scaled accordingly?

Still I like the game and very much appreciate the effort the devs’ have pour into optimizing player experience. Keep it up~
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