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Other Portuguese Translation Nitpicks, Errors & Feedback


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Sep 2, 2018
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Hello. So, the Portuguese translation has some errors. I'll report them by characters I have, in no particular order. This post may be edited as I end up noticing more stuff. Also, I would put images before the actual feedback, but the forum kept saying they were spam, so I had to remove them. Apologies for the wall of text.

1 - Cold Stones
His description actually doesn't make sense. At all. Instead of "Já que o Beowulf diz", it could be "Porque o Beowoulf mandou."

Also great job on the name. "Rock Soul" actually sounds better than "Cold Stones" imo.

2 - Weekend Warrior
In his description, I think "super ataque" would be better than "último ataque", as último means last, not ultimate. Portuguese doesn't really have a word for "ultimate".

I like "Weekend Warrior" more than "Last Fighter", but I can't really think of a better name.

3 - That's All, Folks!
While "Você já percebeu, isso é guerra." does make sense, it doesn't have the same meaning as the English phrase. Replacing "é" by "significa" would defo fix it, though.

I like "That's All, Folks!" way more than "Old Times", but "E Por Hoje É Só, Pessoal!" wouldn't really be a good name either.

4 - Nearly Departed
ND's name got translated to "semimorto", which means "almost dead". My only nitpick with it is that it says "semimorto", a male-exclusive adjective, instead of "semimorta", which refers to females.

5 - Sketchy
Sketchy got translated to "esboçado", again, a male-exclusive adjective. While "esboçada" would be the accurate way, how about "esboço", a noun that means "sketch"?

Her description also says "por que eu deveria...". That sounds a bit weird and I can't really say why. Imo, "Pra quê..." would be better.

6 - Stage Fright.
Her description says "Que noite horrível para estar amaldiçoado.". Replace "estar" with "ser" and it's gold.

7 - Scared Stiff
Name got translated to "Duro de medo", and not only duro, again, is a male-exclusive adjective, but also, nobody says "duro(a) de medo". "Branca de medo" would be the preferred form.

8 - Frayed Ends;
Name got translated to "Pontas Feias". While it isn't gramatically incorrect, nobody says that. "Pontas Duplas" would be the preferred form.

9 - Rusty
Her description says "O primeiro corte é o mais fundo.". It ain't gramatically incorrect, although "mais profundo" would be better in this case.

10 - Headstrong;
Her second SA says "Também causa [...]". Correct form would be "causam", because it is referring to "throws", a word in the plural form. Concordancy's sake.
Her description also makes no sense whatsoever and can't be fixed at all, as it is a pun that only makes sense in English. I wonder what would fit as a new description. Good job on Beat Box's new description, by the way.

11 - Temple Tyrant
Name got translated to "Templo Tirano", which means "Tyrannical Temple". "Tirano do Templo" (or "Tirana do Templo" if Double is female).

12 - Dead Heat.
Name got translated to "Morto de calor". "Morta de calor" is more appropriate as Squigly is female.

That was it for characters. I only have a few more issues, related to the menu and all that jazz.

1 - Daily Matches(?)
Add a "s" to the end of both words so it turns into its plural form

2 - Show me your moves!
Sadly, C. Falcon didn't get anything going for him in Portuguese. However, it got translated to "Mostre seus golpes!", which means "show your moves!", not "show me". So to fix it, "mostre" could be replaced by "mostre-me".

3 - Canopy Coins;
What even is a "dóssil"? It doesn't mean anything and isn't close to anything. It could be "moedas Canopy", meaning "Canopy coins".

4 - Premiere Relic;
It got translated to "Estreia da Relíquia", which means "A Relic's Debut", or something. Why not just keep it as "Rélica Premiere", ou "Rélica Premium"?

5 - Panzerfaust.
Why does Panzerfaust use proper grammar?

That's all, folks! I hope these nitpicks end up getting fixed!
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