• [2018/06/22]
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Post your Squigly relic pulls!

Bought 12 relics, one 11 pack, plus an extra

7 Scared Stiff, 5 Stage Fright

Getting nothing but bronzes has been pretty typical of my relic opening lately.

(Helpful life hint: Never ever punch a wizard in the face. Not even if he "deserves it")
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i bought four 10+1 Squigly relics:

Stage Fright x20
Scared Stiff x16
Nearly Departed x4
Dead Heat x2
Poltergust x1
Bio-Exorcist x1

Please read the next post by Scorialimit for clarification on relic odds in this update!
I opened one and got a dead of winter
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22 relics

1x Dead Heat
2x Nearly Departed
11x Scared Stiff
8x Stage Fright

...not too happy with that luck. I’m 85 Theonite away from another 11 relics though
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I've had very shitty luck on pulling Squiggly. Worst I've ever had.

Here goes.

9 x 10 pulls and was blessed with -

6 Silvers

Then in a last all in effort spent some more cash and did1 more x 10 pull and about 6 singles.

Following that my overall result was -

10 x 10 pulls (plus singles) and .....

STILL NO GOLDS ( having a laugh )
8 Silvers ( 4 Nearly Departed and 4 Dead Heat )
Shed load of Bronze

Not even had a good look at the skills of what I have got yet I, was that pissed.

Don't want to think how much cash I spent as I didn't buy any BIG packs of Theonite. Never had to before.

This got me thinking there should be a point where your results are checked against how many pulls you've made and some of the Gold characters should be a definite in your next pull ( because let's be honest, it's the Gold level characters that are USUALLY superior ). No idea how many pulls would trigger an automatic "next pull success". 5 ... 6. Dunno. Just think it should be 'a thing'.
I’ve spent two weeks trying to get theonite for pulls ;-;
Y’all have some good luck, makes me jealous.
I bought 10 squigly relics with the plus one bonus, and got:

1 dead heat
1 nearly departed
1 bio exorcist
a couple stage frights (I don’t remember how many)
The rest were scared stiffs.
It’s funny how they say the bonus relic has 2x chance for rare rewards, but I didn’t get my bio exorcist from the bonus relic.
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Skullgirls_2018-06-27-23-26-31~01.jpg after 3 10+1 rellics and some single pickups including 1st anniversary gift


DOW comes really often since it is worst fighter in gold squigly, i think.
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