• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Prize fight reward claimed but didn't go to my stash?

Oct 20, 2018
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(The silver - second to nun 10/21/18)

So I was just trying to claim my PF rewards but when I was claiming my prize for the silver, I received the beep boop meow prompt though my internet connection was fine.

First I claimed the reward I got for gold, then tried the silver and it was beep boop meowing me. I can see the chat working just fine so I skipped the silver rewards and claimed the bronze rewards——didn't have any problem with it.

I closed the mail, opened it again. It showed me that I have already claimed the rewards I got in the silver PF. I saw there was a blockbuster in it with Tommy's picture. That would be the first time for me to have that kind of blockbuster so I was really curious about trying it in the training. But when I was about to equip it on one of my Peacock characters I realized that it's not in the moves that I have.

I got the keys and the Doublicious but not that Tommy blockbuster ☹️