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Other PT-BR Nitpicks Pt. IV

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by MedK, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. MedK

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    Sep 2, 2018
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    Woah! I am, yet again, very glad that most of Pt. II's content happened. This update (3.4.0) has been amazing, really.

    I actually wasn't sure if I should attempt to do this again. I don't really want the devs to feel like there's always an issue and that this series of threads is endless.

    I talked to people over the Discord, and after lots of consideration... here goes:

    1 - Xenomorph.
    Xenamorfa > Xenomorfa

    The variant's name was changed from Xenamorfo to Xenamorfa. An improvement, but it's still misspelled, as the correct way is Xenomorfa.

    2 - Ivy League
    Hera uma Vez > Erva uma Vez

    Hera is not a word. Even though getting the pun is doable, one would need some knowledge of another language first, which usually doesn't happen.

    What if it then, became "erva"? Same pun, almost the same pronouncing, but it's way easier to understand now.

    3 - Silent Kill
    Morro Quieto > Silent Kill

    The Silent Hill game(s)/movie(s) are also called Silent Hill here, so translating it actually makes the joke harder to get. Not only that, but making it in English would make it match Resonant Evil, who has the same name in the Portuguese translation.

    4 - Freedom Fighter
    Combatente da Liberdade > Soldado da Liberdade

    Even though "Combatente" (battler) is closer to the original name, "Soldado" (soldier) is shorter and better references Captain America, as he is actually called a soldier. Quite frequently, I might add.

    Description stuff:

    1 - Sketchy
    "Pra quê eu deveria..."
    "Por que eu devia...?"

    Changed pra quê to por que in order to fix a typo (quê is only supposed to appear near a punctuation mark) and make it match common usage. Changed deveria to devia in order to match with English's "oughta"; making it less formal.


    Also, I had made one for special moves and Blockbusters too. Here's a link:

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