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Other PT-BR Translation Nitpicks Pt. III - Moves edition

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by MedK, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. MedK

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    Sep 2, 2018
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    I decided to split both Pt. II threads and this one because I was afraid of running into a character limit. Since there are lots of stuff in this one, I will be short on the reasonings about why it's wrong. Most of them can just be thrown into Google Translation back anyways.

    Format is:
    English name: PT-BR current name > new name

    Diamond Drop: Rede de Segurança > Arremesso do Diamante

    Brass Knuckles: Soco Labrosone > Brass Knuckles
    (Labrosone ain't a word)

    Pinion Dash: Eixo de Corrida > Arrancada Giratória

    Hit Paws: Patadas > Furrydeira
    (A pun on "Furadeira", that means "drill")

    Gregor Samson: German stuff > Gregor Samson

    Buer Thresher: Colheita de Buer > Debulhador Buer
    (Previous name meant "Buer Harvest", which makes no sense. Changed it to mean "Buer Thresher")

    Fifth of Dismember: Cinco de Desmembro > Vinte e Cinco de Desmembro
    (Nothing happens around here on December 5th)

    Canopy Bounce: Quicando no Dossel > Pulo Canopy (or Pulo Dossel)
    (Previous name meant "Bouncing on Canopy", which is weird. It now means "Canopy Jump".)

    Cat Slide: Deslisada Felina > Deslizada Felina
    (Fixed a typo)

    Gigantic Arm: Gigantic Arm > Braço Gigante

    Hammer Throw: Arremesso Martelo > Arremesso do Martelo

    Dragon Punch: Soco de Dragão > Soco do Dragão

    Diamond Dynamo: Dínamo Diamante > Dínamo do Diamante


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