• [2018/06/22]
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Fights PvP Ideas

Sep 29, 2017
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I'm sure at this point that The groundwork for the basic pvp system is already there, and it's only a matter of The devs doing the finer Coding and debugging (Changing one thing can cause a multitude of issues)
But i still wanted to throw out my ideas for the pvp system, to see what others think.
how i see it working, is Sort of a mix between prize fights and Rifts, You have two different leagues, Singles For 1v1 fights, and Trios for a full 3V3 Set up, (There'd could also be a practice league Where you don't lose or gain rank, but that kind depends on how much you'd wanna split matchmaking, or be able to send pvp requests to people in chat similar to duels, or friends when that becomes a thing)
While these Two are always here and offer rewards at the end of the month, there would also be Weekly leagues Similar to prize fights, now you could go a lot of ways with this, they could be character based with rewards and modifiers for said character like the Prize fights, or you could do ones where only certain elements, characters, or rarities can be used, possibly even making ones for holidays, There's a lot that can be done with an ever rotating league alongside the main 2,
now for two things i'm not sure of,
1. Stamina, would you use normal pf Stamina? A New third stamina? Maybe a new sort of ticket like the rift ones? Or maybe no stamina on the normal leagues, but then some on the weekly leagues?, i'm Not really sure what would do best, and whatever system would do best kinda depends exactly on how the pvp system as a whole works,
2. Rewards, a fine line has to be made between giving worthwhile rewards and over Rewarding someone, This is difficult with every player having a different experience, Some like me, may have tons of keys, but lack coins, others may have A lot of duplicate fighters to use for evolution, but have barely any elemental shards, unless a new currency is added similar to rift tokens, (Or they're willing to offer Canopy Coins Wink wink, nudge nudge) i can't think of a balanced reward table for any league, especially the weekly ones i theorized, Especially when factoring the resources the game currently hands out....
(But if it was up to me, coins, Buckets and buckets of coins.)

those are my ideas anyway, what do some of you Think? have any other fun pvp ideas?