• [2018/06/22]
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Other question and suggestion about dia grade skin


Jul 19, 2018
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I wonder if there is a plan to make a higher grade than diamond grade.

Currently there are various diamond skins, but some users suffering from getting duplicate skin. (4 or more same skin)

Most users think that duplicate dia skins are useless if there is no higher grade than dia. Also dia skins can not be used as a sacrifice for power up.

So, please let us know is there a plan to make a higher grade than diamond grade or not.

and if you do not, please consider the suggestions below.

1 Let users use diamond skins as a sacrifice for power up.

2 let users grind diamond skin for diamond shard.

3 when user authenticate certain number of duplicate skin, give them a pull for another skin. (I hope that excepts the duplicated one)

thank you for reading this letter.

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Feb 4, 2018
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Going beyond diamond sounds like a nightmare to me. To evolve a level 60 diamond, you'd need 6 diamonds (lotta dupes and grinding!) of that character, and perhaps six elemental essence crystals. And what would be beyond diamond? Instead of ultra hard, go ultra hot. PLASMA

Now imagine rolling up on a rift battle where a level 70 plasma Bio-Exorcist Squigly with a FS of 200k is staring at you...

Seriously though, I like the three suggestions but I would add this to the sacrifice options: diamonds are worth a ton of XP, but also make them part of the evolution ritual. A diamond should be worth at least 3 gold (e.g. so a Buzzkill Painwheel can become diamond with just 2 gold Painwheels and a Fly Trap Painwheel)

They would have to build a whole new menu area for character crushing. So I think it unlikely they'll let us smash diamond character in diamond shards. But it would be nice if a pile of diamond keys came with the shards!