• [2018/06/22]
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(Question) is MEANER. BETTER. FASTER. STRONGER (master) even possible?


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Jul 30, 2021
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Hello, new here and I have a genuine question, how am I supposed to beat master if I’ve done every strategy known to man.
more specifically the 3rd level, where 3 foes are able to revive after death and even if you’re winning the game unfairly puts you on doom and there is NO way around this, even if you use tag out for the foe to not die instantly and receive doom, they have to at some point, and even after they do they revive and doom is still possible because the other foes are did.

I beg, can we please please remove the doom aspect, there is absolutely no possible way to play this level without dying from this random cause, it is actually impossible. I’ve used over 45 energy refills, it is so painful looking at the stage. No matter what strat is used, you are designed to fail. Can this please be fixed? Thank you

P.S the fighters I use for the match are all full golds, in case that’s cryptic.