• [2018/06/22]
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Rift: it’s possible to win!


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Jan 20, 2019
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I never thought I could win, but with catalysts and the right setup i had a shot at taking down players with fully leveled and maxed moves players. On a bad day, even Gamma had trouble with this map on his stream.

I have tried to beat this person since the beginning of rift but had always lost by a few hundred points because the gap in character power is too big. We’d clear each other’s maps and he could do it faster with stronger characters and more maxed perfect moves. Time had always been on his side.

For context, I don’t have a single lv 60 diamond character. Most my characters are between 45 and 52. My moves are lv6-9 with a few at 12. Nothing impressive.

Haven’t matched him since Catalysts got introduced, and then twice this week! First time I lost since I was learning the best way to crack his nodes. Now I could actually slow him down and trip him with catalysts, giving me a chance to win. I doubt it’d happen again anytime soon, but the point is, utilize all the tips @Brother Null had kindly shared and it is possible to make up the difference with strategies, play skills, and some luck! Also, special thanks to @Gamma Ray for streaming and sharing his wealth of knowledge. If you haven’t watched his stream on Twitch yet, make sure you catch up on his recordings and follow him!

Of course, if SGM ever has a rift mode that lets EVERYONE uses the same playing pieces (full roster of lv60 characters), then newer players may actually have a chance to do well there!


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