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SA’s I want to see on Eliza

Discussion in 'Eliza' started by デービット, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. デービット

    Aug 30, 2018
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    HEYY ITS DAVID! back at it again with trying to fix Stand Out lol but I came up with an idea BUT, it might also be A) too busted or B) not exactly what they had in mind for stand out—but whatever.

    SA IDEA:
    (countering painwheels and bad hair days/parasite weave)


    Eliza cannot make critical attacks. Each percent of critical rate becomes 0.3/0.5/1% BONUS ATTACK MODIFER.
    *fully maxed skill tree will result in 25% critical rate. therefore, 25% bonus attack %.
    100% crit rate = 100% bonus attack %*


    When hit with a CRITICAL ATTACK, 10/25/50% chance to activate a 6 second REGEN.

    Well, what do you think? Eliza suffers from the straight up FACT that she sucks at dealing damage (like all the time). So, I thought that maybe an attack modifier is just what she needed! Plus it’s not impossible to face painwheel AND I DO REALIZE that by making her not able to crit the already available crit damage modifer becomes useless BUT, i think getting extra attack modifer is almost broken.
    Like imagine getting like idk what the regular is but like 75% attack bonus from fully leveled moves THEN ANOTHER 100% from crit then her lack lustre damage will be like top level!!

    Another think that i tried to implement was some healing because I know that she was originally meant to be a defender so why not directly counter the top bleed characters, Filia. Bad Hair day will have a hard time against this eliza because she gets bonus crit rate against bleeding targets and if that crit procs regen before becoming a permableed, HEHE BYE!
    Well there you go, my ideas. Feel free to destroy me in the comments because I 128372% have a CRITICAL (kill me now) flaw somewhere in my ideas so please let’s try to make this a thing!

    And if some people agree with me, I will start a poll and see if i can get the Dev’s to notice me ;-;
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