• [2018/06/22]
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Fights Self Resurrection

heyy b

Nov 12, 2017
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I think that the way resurrection works in the game needs some toggling. I was fighting as Bio-Exorcist Squigly and I died by a blockbuster. The blockbuster was able to kill me and killed off my resurrection health off as well since it was in one combo at high streak PF. I think the way that you revive while in the middle of being comboed is pointless. The only reviving that actually works is when you revive other teammates and Big Top due to her invincibility. I would change it so that if you die, it will hold you at 0 health and as soon you are out of a combo, the resurrection occurs. This I think is especially needed since in PF's at high streaks, a couple hits can take you down, and the opponent can still take off your revive health in the same combo. I also believe that bleed also holds a role in this, I have noticed in the Medici Showdown, that if you use a BB3 or any blockbuster with an opponent about to bleed out, it will cause the opponent to prematurely die and fall out the blockbuster.


Hidden Variable Dev
May 17, 2017
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Thanks for the feedback! We don't have any changes planned for her at the moment, but I understand your concerns.

Punching through resurrection (Bio-Exorcist) with a powerful blockbuster, or a longer combo, is an intentional mechanic of her revive.

If her SA added invincibility (or she didn't die at 0), and you were punching above your weight class, then you would be able to survive several sequences back to back as long as you had allies on the bench and found time to get charges.

A level 50 maxed Gold would be able to do a full combo on a level 1 Bio-Exorcist 4 times before she finally died, if I'm understanding your suggestion correctly. With her passive drain + heal, that seems pretty powerful!

It's a bit less useful on offense versus stat boosted Prize Fight teams, but it can be used elsewhere.