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SG Custom Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cellsai, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Bryan

    Bryan Member

    Jan 7, 2018
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    Terry's now in smash so download-1 (19).png download-2 (1).png download-3.png "Are you okay?"
    SA:Fatal Fury
    SA1:When under 25/35/50% of your health all blockbusters and special moves deal 50% more damage
    SA2:When using a buffed blockbuster or special move 15/20/25% chance on hit to deal 5% of the opponents max health on the first hit

    Couldn't choose which pose i liked so i made 3

    Anyone else found it hilarious that Sakurai said they would not being including Mai because smash is for good boys and girls?This is why Skullgirls will never get into smash.
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  2. Whispy

    Whispy Active Member

    Aug 13, 2019
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    Mai didn’t make it in specifically because one of Japan’s requirements for the lowest rating is that all female models must be turned upside-down to check for....well, you know....so Peacock as a Skullgirls rep actually stands a chance.
  3. 2onions

    2onions New Member

    Jan 17, 2019
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    Here we go again, this time I present to you SEVEN unsolicited custom cards...
    If anyone knows the reference I will very happily marry them

    "Now, shall we dance?"
    Hits have a 10% chance to inflict inverse polarity when Squigly has living teammates
    SA2: When charged and near an opponent, drain 3 percent of the opponent's blockbuster meter per second

    "Now, let's eat up."
    SA: All You Can Defeat
    Gain 20/30% of max health after defeating an opponent
    SA2: Gain unflinching and invincible for 3/5 seconds when entering headless mode

    "Now, kneel down!"
    SA: Separated At Birth
    Gain a 10/20% to sacrifice a teammate when suffering a hit that would be fatal
    SA2: Gain unflinching for 10 seconds and 3 stacks of permanent enrage when Eliza has no living teammates

    "Now, go to sleep."
    SA: Sleep Paralysis
    When stunned, gain 5 stacks of armor for 7/10 seconds
    SA2: When benefitting from amor, hits have a 50% chance to stun the opponent for 10 seconds

    "Now, let's begin to tailor."
    SA: Identity Theft
    After defeating an opponent with any buffs, permanently transfer all the buffs to Double
    SA2: Also gain a 50% chance to copy their signature ability until defeating another opponent

    "Now, let the trial begin!"
    Whenever the opponent gains a buff, regain 10% of max health, and gain immunity for the duration
    SA2: When benefitting from a buff, gain a 10% chance on hit to gain a random buff for 7 seconds (each buff on Peacock grants 1 buff)

    "Now, repent!"
    SA: Anger Issues
    Tear detonations have a 5% chance to instantly defeat the opponent and sacrifice 50% of Parasoul's remaining health
    SA2: Gain permanent enrage, precision, and haste when first dropping below 25% health
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  4. BloodyJodie24

    BloodyJodie24 New Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    I've previously done a Filia card as Monika From Doki Doki Literature club, so I decided to make the rest of the girls from that game, plus a remake of the filia card, since last time I did it was a gold, and now it's a diamond

    "I pop off my head like the lid of a cookie jar." (Sayori)

    SA: Bundle of Sunshine
    SA1: When a debuff's inflicted to Ms.Fortune, grant Immunity and Invincibility for 5/7/10 seconds
    SA2: Upon death, inflict stun for 3/5/7 seconds on the opponent, once per match, allies tag in with 2 stacks of blessing and immunity for 5/7/10 seconds (only if Ms.Fortune's dead)


    "Do you accept my confession?" (Yuri)

    SA: Tear Party
    SA1: Inflict 1 stack of bleed for each tear spawned for 3/5/7 seconds
    SA2: If hit by a detonated tear, turn all the bleed stacks on the opponent into permanent bleed, if blocked, inflict heavy bleed for 5/7/10 seconds

    Royal Tea.png

    "I'm Not Cute!" (Natsuki)

    HA: Sweet and Sour
    HA1: When fully charged, gain permanent heavy regeneration and immunity, buffs are removed when the charges are used
    HA2: When fully charged and near the enemy, inflict permanent inverse polarity, hex and curse, debuffs are removed when the charges are used


    "Knowing that this is the closest I can get to you." (Monika)

    SA: Literrorture Club

    SA1: On Tag in, inflict Disable Tag ins, Heal Block and Heavy Bleeding for 5/7/10 seconds
    SA2: On Death, Inflict a 30/20/15 seconds Doom on the opponent, All opponents that Tag in are inflicted with Wither and 2 stacks of bleed for 10 seconds

    Just Mawnika.png
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  5. Whispy

    Whispy Active Member

    Aug 13, 2019
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    I apologize for not posting yesterday out of safety concerns. Anyway, here's the palettes.
    "This won't be my final fight." - Mike Haggar (Final Fight)
    SA: Mercy Rule
    SA1: When the opponent is above 75/65/50% health, throws deal 50% more damage.
    SA2: When Beowulf falls below 10/20/30% health, inflict permanent cripple and inverse polarity.
    Ursa Mayor Beowulf.png
    "Is this a little too meta?" - Discord icon
    SA: System Crash
    SA1: Projectile hits have a 15/20/25% chance to inflict slow for ten seconds and drain 5% meter from all blockbusters.
    SA2: Blocked attacks when the enemy has less than 20% meter on a blockbuster have a 3/4/5% chance to inflict doom for 15 seconds. Doom is removed when Robo Fortune loses 10% of her health.
    Discoordinated Robo Fortune.png
    "To accomplish much, you must first lose everything." - Che Guevara posters
    SA: Deployment
    SA1: While benched, give teammates 5/10/15% meter every twenty seconds.
    SA2: When a teammate dies, give the next teammate who tags in five stacks of precision. When teammates have five stacks of precision, all blockbuster hits have a 25/35/50% chance to be unblockable.
    Proper Gander Parasoul.png
    "I shall sing a smashing song of praise." - Lucas (Mother 3)
    SA: PSI Wave
    SA1: When far away from the opponent, get barrier and 5% meter for all blockbusters every 4/3/2 seconds.
    SA2: Blocked blockbuster hits when benefiting from barrier inflict wither and inverse polarity for 5/10/15 seconds.
    Thought Slayer Squigly.png
    "You can't comprehend the power of Double's attack!" - Gigyas (EarthBound)
    SA: Burned Away
    SA1: Every 30/25/20 seconds the opponent does not tag out, inflict 5/10/15% damage on all opponents, and Double gets three stacks of evade.
    SA2: Every 6/5/4 seconds Double does not take damage, get one stack of evade and inflict slow until Double is hit again. If Double is not hit for 10 seconds, permanently disable tag-ins and special moves.
    Red Mist Double.png

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