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Here we go again, this time I present to you SEVEN unsolicited custom cards...
If anyone knows the reference I will very happily marry them

"Now, shall we dance?"
Hits have a 10% chance to inflict inverse polarity when Squigly has living teammates
SA2: When charged and near an opponent, drain 3 percent of the opponent's blockbuster meter per second

"Now, let's eat up."
SA: All You Can Defeat
Gain 20/30% of max health after defeating an opponent
SA2: Gain unflinching and invincible for 3/5 seconds when entering headless mode

"Now, kneel down!"
SA: Separated At Birth
Gain a 10/20% to sacrifice a teammate when suffering a hit that would be fatal
SA2: Gain unflinching for 10 seconds and 3 stacks of permanent enrage when Eliza has no living teammates

"Now, go to sleep."
SA: Sleep Paralysis
When stunned, gain 5 stacks of armor for 7/10 seconds
SA2: When benefitting from amor, hits have a 50% chance to stun the opponent for 10 seconds

"Now, let's begin to tailor."
SA: Identity Theft
After defeating an opponent with any buffs, permanently transfer all the buffs to Double
SA2: Also gain a 50% chance to copy their signature ability until defeating another opponent

"Now, let the trial begin!"
Whenever the opponent gains a buff, regain 10% of max health, and gain immunity for the duration
SA2: When benefitting from a buff, gain a 10% chance on hit to gain a random buff for 7 seconds (each buff on Peacock grants 1 buff)

"Now, repent!"
SA: Anger Issues
Tear detonations have a 5% chance to instantly defeat the opponent and sacrifice 50% of Parasoul's remaining health
SA2: Gain permanent enrage, precision, and haste when first dropping below 25% health
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I've previously done a Filia card as Monika From Doki Doki Literature club, so I decided to make the rest of the girls from that game, plus a remake of the filia card, since last time I did it was a gold, and now it's a diamond

"I pop off my head like the lid of a cookie jar." (Sayori)

SA: Bundle of Sunshine
SA1: When a debuff's inflicted to Ms.Fortune, grant Immunity and Invincibility for 5/7/10 seconds
SA2: Upon death, inflict stun for 3/5/7 seconds on the opponent, once per match, allies tag in with 2 stacks of blessing and immunity for 5/7/10 seconds (only if Ms.Fortune's dead)


"Do you accept my confession?" (Yuri)

SA: Tear Party
SA1: Inflict 1 stack of bleed for each tear spawned for 3/5/7 seconds
SA2: If hit by a detonated tear, turn all the bleed stacks on the opponent into permanent bleed, if blocked, inflict heavy bleed for 5/7/10 seconds

Royal Tea.png

"I'm Not Cute!" (Natsuki)

HA: Sweet and Sour
HA1: When fully charged, gain permanent heavy regeneration and immunity, buffs are removed when the charges are used
HA2: When fully charged and near the enemy, inflict permanent inverse polarity, hex and curse, debuffs are removed when the charges are used


"Knowing that this is the closest I can get to you." (Monika)

SA: Literrorture Club

SA1: On Tag in, inflict Disable Tag ins, Heal Block and Heavy Bleeding for 5/7/10 seconds
SA2: On Death, Inflict a 30/20/15 seconds Doom on the opponent, All opponents that Tag in are inflicted with Wither and 2 stacks of bleed for 10 seconds

Just Mawnika.png
I apologize for not posting yesterday out of safety concerns. Anyway, here's the palettes.
"This won't be my final fight." - Mike Haggar (Final Fight)
SA: Mercy Rule
SA1: When the opponent is above 75/65/50% health, throws deal 50% more damage.
SA2: When Beowulf falls below 10/20/30% health, inflict permanent cripple and inverse polarity.
Ursa Mayor Beowulf.png
"Is this a little too meta?" - Discord icon
SA: System Crash
SA1: Projectile hits have a 15/20/25% chance to inflict slow for ten seconds and drain 5% meter from all blockbusters.
SA2: Blocked attacks when the enemy has less than 20% meter on a blockbuster have a 3/4/5% chance to inflict doom for 15 seconds. Doom is removed when Robo Fortune loses 10% of her health.
Discoordinated Robo Fortune.png
"To accomplish much, you must first lose everything." - Che Guevara posters
SA: Deployment
SA1: While benched, give teammates 5/10/15% meter every twenty seconds.
SA2: When a teammate dies, give the next teammate who tags in five stacks of precision. When teammates have five stacks of precision, all blockbuster hits have a 25/35/50% chance to be unblockable.
Proper Gander Parasoul.png
"I shall sing a smashing song of praise." - Lucas (Mother 3)
SA: PSI Wave
SA1: When far away from the opponent, get barrier and 5% meter for all blockbusters every 4/3/2 seconds.
SA2: Blocked blockbuster hits when benefiting from barrier inflict wither and inverse polarity for 5/10/15 seconds.
Thought Slayer Squigly.png
"You can't comprehend the power of Double's attack!" - Gigyas (EarthBound)
SA: Burned Away
SA1: Every 30/25/20 seconds the opponent does not tag out, inflict 5/10/15% damage on all opponents, and Double gets three stacks of evade.
SA2: Every 6/5/4 seconds Double does not take damage, get one stack of evade and inflict slow until Double is hit again. If Double is not hit for 10 seconds, permanently disable tag-ins and special moves.
Red Mist Double.png
Since I'm gonna be gone for the next couple of days on a trip, I figured I should post one last batch of palettes before I go tomorrow.
"Prepare to be blown to bits." - Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)
SA: Chewed Up
SA1: When using a special move, get one random buff (excluding immunity) and slow for 5/10/15 seconds.
SA2: Blockbusters deal 25/35/50% more damage for each stack of slow.
Bubble Gun Parasoul.png
(Also the egrets are colored like the Banana Guards)
"The night is dark and full of terrors." - Marceline (Adventure Time)
SA: Twilight Zone
SA1: Get one stack of evade for three seconds every 20/15/10 combo hits from either side.
SA2: When the opponent is below 50% health, any time Valentine gets evade, also get enrage and barrier for 5/10/15 seconds.
Skull Moon Valentine.png
"Now with brand new funky mode!" - Funky Kong (Donkey Kong)
SA: Drop The Bass!
SA1: Suffered blockbuster hits have a 15/20/25% chance to give armor for seven seconds.
SA2: If a suffered hit does less than 1% damage, heal 1/1.5/2% health and get 2% meter for all blockbusters.
Uptown Funk Big Band.png
"Show me your moves!" - Captain Falcon (F-Zero) [By far one of my favorite palettes to date.]
SA: Overheated
SA1: Get permanent enrage and 3/4/5 stacks of barrier the first time Beowulf falls below 50% health.
SA2: Every 3/2/1 second(s) when not getting hit while in Hype Mode, heal 2% health and drain 3% meter from the opponent's blockbusters.
Flame Flyer Beowulf.png
"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?" - Count Bleck (Paper Mario)
SA: Darkest Daze
SA1: Start the match with haste for 5/10/15 seconds. Take 15% damage every 10 seconds without haste.
SA2: When using a blockbuster, switch signature abilities with the opponent. Also inflict slow for 10/15/20 seconds.
Death Count Peacock.png
More cards!

"Oh no! The skeleton coming out!" (Vinesauce Joel)

Sauce Streamer

SA1: Gain HASTE for 3 seconds when performing a JUGGLER.
SA2: Once per match when defeated, revive with 30% health and gain permanent


" We live in a society... " (Joker from Batman)

Jokes On You!
SA1: On Death, inflict 3 random permanent
SA2: Dark Fighters in your team will gain 3 random BUFFS for 10 seconds every 30 seconds


"Order our products with a small payment of your soul!" (Black Hat from Villainous)

Evil Inc.
SA1: Gain 1 stack of
ENRAGE for 10 seconds when using a blockbuster
SA2: When inflicting a DEBUFF, inflict 2 additional DEBUFFS


"I am not upset" (Pipimi from Pop Team Epic)

Unconscious Bias
SA1: Special Moves ignore
SA2: 40% chance on blockbuster HITS to remove all BUFFS from the opponent.


" Are you upset? " (Popuko from Pop Team Epic)

Trouble Seeker

SA1: Special Moves and Blockbusters drain 5% blockbuster meter from the opponent per HIT.
SA2: Inflict a random DEBUFF for 7 seconds when HITTING an opponent with a fully depleted blockbuster

Terry's now in smash soView attachment 6822 View attachment 6823 View attachment 6824 "Are you okay?"
SA:Fatal Fury
SA1:When under 25/35/50% of your health all blockbusters and special moves deal 50% more damage
SA2:When using a buffed blockbuster or special move 15/20/25% chance on hit to deal 5% of the opponents max health on the first hit

Couldn't choose which pose i liked so i made 3

Anyone else found it hilarious that Sakurai said they would not being including Mai because smash is for good boys and girls?This is why Skullgirls will never get into smash.
May I suggest a name change?

I'd go with "Buster Wolf!"
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Sorry for the lack of palettes on Sunday. Anyway, here we go.
"It's not you, it's me, but it's mostly you." - Yukako Yamagishi (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
SA: Yan Dare
SA1: Dodging an attack inflicts 1/2/3 stack(s) of bleed for five seconds.
SA2: If the opponent falls below 15/20/25% health while suffering from bleed, get one permanent stack of thorns.
School Daze Filia.png
"Watch the power of the aura!" - Lucario (Pokemon)
SA: N. R. G.
SA1: When falling below 20% health for the first time, get two stacks of armor for 20 seconds and 3/4/5 stacks of barrier.
SA2: Increase attack by 1/2/3% for every 5% health lost.
Fur Honor Beowulf.png
"But where are those good old fashioned values?" - Peter Griffin (Family Guy) [joke palette]
SA: Brawl in the Family
SA1: 50/75/100% chance when recieving a debuff to get enrage for the same amount of time.
SA2: When reaching a combo of 20, reset the opponent's blockbusters and inflict stun for 2/3/4 seconds.
Laugh Track Big Band.png
"Wait, am I supposed to have a special quote?" - Deadpool (Marvel) [Tried to make her tail a katana]
SA: Purrvival
SA1: Get permanent heavy regen at the start of the match. Also get 3/4/5 stacks of regen for ten seconds when first falling below 25% health.
SA2: If Ms Fortune falls below half health and heals to full health, get 50/75/100% meter for all blockbusters and two stacks of permanent enrage.
Span Decks Ms Fortune.png
"You've gotten me fast and furious." - Original palette
SA: Speed Force
SA1: 50/75/100% chance when getting a debuff to get one stack of evade.
SA2: When evading an attack, mirror all debuffs onto the opponent and get 1/2/3 stacks of precision.
Grace Anatomy Valentine.png
Just finished up a new batch of cards. Here are my favorites.
"Time to turn a new leaf." -Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
SA: Town Brawl
SA1: Spawning a Tear has a 50% chance to grant a Regen that last for 5+3/4/5 seconds for every 20% health missing at the time of spawn.
SA2: While benefiting from 5/4/3 stacks of Regen, gain 10% Blockbuster for every Tear detonated.
"The line for autographs starts here." -Captain Quark (Ratchet and Clank)
SA: Below the Belt
SA1: Gain a charge of Hype and a 20 second Barrier when Beowulf’s health remains above 75/50/25% after the opponent uses a Blockbuster.
SA2: While in Hype Mode, increase Blockbuster damage by 100% and inflict a 5 second Stun after a Blockbuster deals more than 25/20/15% health.
"Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate." -Tetra (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
SA: Tailwind
SA1: When Ms. Fortune is hit while dashing, reduce damage taken by 30/40/50% and inflict 2 stacks of Slow until she is knocked down.
SA2: When Ms. Fortune hits a dashing opponent, increase damage inflicted by 30/40/50% and gain 2 stacks of Haste until they are knocked down.
"Try all 40 flavors." -Alcremie (Pokemon)
SA: Sweet Stuff
SA1: 20/30/40% chance for a debuff inflicted on any fighter to be instantly deleted while Double is alive.
SA2: Double and teammates gain 10/15/20% Blockbuster charge for every debuff deleted.
"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." -Hellen Gravely (Luigi's Mansion 3)
SA: Trouble in Paradise
SA1: 30/40/50% chance when any fighter tags in to Disable Tag-in and inflict 2 stacks of Wither for 30 seconds. All Wither will be converted to Slow when a Level 3 Blockbuster is used.
SA2: Damage done by Blockbusters and during Sekhmet Mode increased by 25/50/75% for each debuff active.
So I watched this pilot for a show called Hazbin Hotel on YouTube, and I love it. So I made a bunch of Hazbin palettes for this week. Enjoy!
"Oh, the nonexistent humanity!" - Alastor
SA: Interference
SA1: Get one stack of evade when either sides does more than 15/10/5% damage in a single hit.
SA2: While benefitting from evade, all hits have a 50/75/100% chance to ignore buffs and signature abilities.
Southern Hell Eliza.png
"We all have something good inside of us." - Charlie
SA: Peace Keeper
SA1: Get one stack of precision every 5/4/3 seconds without attacking the opponent.
SA2: When at 5/4/3 or more stacks of precision, all attacks are unblockable and give teammates 10% meter for all blockbusters.
Charlie Hoarse Filia.png
"Let me patch things up." - Vaggie
SA: Bled Cross
SA1: If a hit does more than 25/20/15% damage to any allies, inflict bleed for six seconds.
SA2: When an enemy falls below 25% health, inflict 3/4/5 stacks of power surge for twenty seconds.
Crossed Out Valentine.png
"Do I look like some sort of clown to you?" - Husk
SA: Drinking Blame
SA1: Get permanent enrage when a teammate dies or an enemy first falls below 25/30/50% health.
SA2: For every stack of enrage, get a 10/15/25% chance when given a debuff to convert it into evade.
Empty Husk Peacock.png
"Show-business is a brutal field." - Katie Killjoy
SA: Status Report
SA1: When an enemy stands near a tear for 3/2/1 second(s), convert one buff into a random debuff (excluding doom and stun).
SA2: If an enemy dies while suffering from a debuff, transfer 1/2/3 debuff(s) from the defeated foe onto the incoming enemy and make the debuffs permanent (excluding stun)
Second Rate Parasoul.png
I'm back with new custom cards. Hopefully I will be more active. I made these variants have unique SA's to them, so hopefully you enjoy them. These are to celebrate the new season of RWBY, which I highly recommend watching.

"Too bad all that money can't buy you skill." - Flynt Coal (RWBY)
SA Name: Beat Saber
SA1: Bursts deal damage equal to half of Big Band's Attack stat. Inflict Hex and heal block for 10/15/25 seconds if the burst hits.
SA2: Taunts recovers 10%/11%/12% of Big Band's max HP when used. Also increase his base attack by 10%.

"I am making humanity pay for WHAT THEY'VE DONE!!" - Adam Taurus (RWBY)
SA Name: Buildup
SA1: While Beowulf is in hype mode, 5%/7%/10% of all damage suffered before he entered Hype mode is added to his base attack stats.
SA2: If a blockbuster doesn't hit, gain 3/4/5 stacks of enrage. Each stack of enrage is removed on the next successful combo hit.

"Eye for an eye." - Tyrian Callows(RWBY)
SA Name: Venomous Bite
SA1: 10%/20%/30% to inflict bleed when hitting an opponent with an attack that does more than 3% of their max HP.
SA2: When Ms.Fortune dies drain 3/4/5% of the opponent's HP and 2% of their blockbuster meter. Once the opponent dies from the drain, the next opponent's teammate suffers half of the previous effect.
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Bonjour, today I bring to you Evangelion Fighters:

"Take advantage of everything here, except me." (Misato Katsuragi)
Signature Ability: My One Wish
When Parasoul is alive, teammates tag in with 5 stacks of thorns for 7/10 seconds
SA2: When defeated or defeating an opponent near a teammate's dead body, resurrect the teammate with 30% health

download (1).png
"I might have been born to meet you." (Kaworu Nagisa)
Signature Ability: Unfair and Unwell
Tier 3 blockbuster hits have a 3% chance to sacrifice all remaining health and instantly defeat the opponent
SA2: Upon death, teammates tag in with 3 stack of permanent haste

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die. I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" (Asuka Langley Soryu)
Signature Ability: Fighting On My Own
Gain enrage for 10 seconds for every 10% health lost
SA2: When dropping below 25% health, special moves and blockbuster hits have 30% chance to convert all buffs and debuffs on Ms. Fortune to permanent enrage

"We are many but you are alone, you hate it don't you?" (Rei Ayanami)
Signature Ability: Impact of Three
Gain invincibility for 10 seconds after having 3 headrones deployed, damage is increased by 3 times when benefitting from invincibility
SA2: If defeated with 3 headrones present, resurrect with 33% health, and inflict 3 stacks of wither for 10/15 seconds
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone, time for some palettes!
"It's all for one, and one for all!" - Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
SA: All Or Nothing
SA1: Sacrifice 20% of max health when using a blockbuster. Also get enrage and barrier for 5/10/15 seconds.
SA2: Heal 25/35/50% of damage dealt from special moves.
Double Decker Filia.png
"Can I offer you a nice goose egg in this trying time?" - SGM's chat box
SA: Addiction
SA1: When inflicting a debuff, inflict 1/2/3 more random debuffs for five seconds.
SA2: When the opponent has at least 3/2/1 debuff(s) for more than ten seconds, disable tag-ins.
Patient Zero Double.png
"Atom celled, jet propelled, fighting monsters high in the sky!" - Astro Boy
SA: Sky High
SA1: When off the ground, get a random buff every 3/2/1 second(s). Buffs are removed two seconds after landing.
SA2: When off the ground for more than 5/4/3 seconds, reset all special moves and get 10% meter for all blockbusters.
Fly Tech Robo Fortune.png
"Reality bends to my will!" - Kronika (Mortal Kombat 11)
SA: Immortality
SA1: Start the match with hex for 20 seconds. Every five seconds, permanently increase attack by 1/2/3%.
SA2: When 90 seconds remain on the timer, get permanent immunity and 3/4/5 stacks of blessing if alive. If dead, revive with 100% health.
Sands of Time Eliza.png
Now time for some special Thanksgiving palettes.
"Sickeningly sweet!" - Cranberry sauce
SA: Sinking Feeling
SA1: When transmutating, inflict a random debuff (excluding stun and doom) for 4/6/8 seconds.
SA2: When the opponent has 7/6/5 debuffs or more, inflict doom for fifteen seconds.
Fruit of the Doom Double.png
"Am I ruffling your feathers?" - Female turkey
SA: Tryptoplan
SA1: Projectiles have a 10/25/35% chance to inflict slow for seven seconds.
SA2: When hitting five stacks of slow, the enemy gets cripple and death mark for 5/10/15 seconds and stun for two seconds.
Gobblin Goblin Peacock.png

"Ugh im bored!" Sunny (derpixon NSFW artist)
SA: Warm feeling
SA1: when gaining a buff gain aanither stack of that buff and it is exteded for 2/3/4 seconds
SA2:When the opponent drops below 25%/45%/65% health they gain permanent heal block and hex
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Disney+ mood:

download (1).png
"I've never seen a human this close before." - Ariel
Signature Ability: Something Fishy
20% chance to gain EVASION or UNFLINCHING for 7 seconds whenever Squigly dashes back or forward.
SA2: Opponent loses 25% of BLOCKBUSTER meter whenever Squigly dashes forward.

"Brutality is found within." - Belle
Signature Ability: Beastly Beauty
Take 10% less damage for each living teammate. Also gains a 10% chance to gain AMOR when taking a hit.
SA2: Gain 3 stacks of BARRIER and 3 stacks of BLESSING for 10 seconds when an opponent dashes forward.

download (1).png
"Whatever I wish for, I keep." - Cinderella
Signature Ability: Until Midnight
Whenever the digits 1 and 2 appear at the same time on the timer, Valentine gains UNFLINCHING for 12 seconds and 3 stacks of EVASION.
SA2: Whenever the timer reaches 00 seconds, Valentine gains 3 stacks of ARMOR and BARRIER for 12 seconds. (Including 3:00 at the start of the match)

"How dare you? I am not a prize to be won!" - Jasmine
Signature Ability: Magic Cat Pet
Instantly build all meter for SPECIAL MOVES and gains 3 stacks of HASTE for 5 seconds whenever a fighter is in the air.
SA2: Gains UNFLINCHING for 7 seconds when Ms. Fortune or her head is in the air.

download (1).png
"Let's just assume everyone in here doesn't like me." - Rapunzel
Signature Ability: Towering Heights
25% of damage dealt from SPECIAL MOVES and BLOCKBUSTERS is regained as HEALTH for teammates.
SA2: 100% of damage dealt is regained as HEALTH when the opponent is in the air.

"If you love me let me sleep." - Aurora
Signature Ability: Reposing Forever
Dash attacks have a 10/20/30% chance to inflict STUN for 3 seconds.
SA2: 30% chance to gain permanent IMMUNITY and REGEN when inflicting STUN.

"What do you do when things go wrong? Oh! You sing a song!" - Snow White
Signature Ability: Poisonous Forest
Whenever Albus or Horace is summoned, gains ENRAGE for 10/15 seconds. Also build 25% of meter for BLOCKBUSTERS.
SA2: Gains a 50% chance to inflict STUN for 15 seconds on charged hit or when hit by a BLOCKBUSTER.
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Whee cards
download-1 (12).png
"Who wants to play video games?"-BMO from Adventure time
download-1 (20).png
"I am your robotic operating bloody"-Famicon version of R.O.B
download-1 (21).png
"Anything you can do a godess can do better"-Palutena from Kid Icarus
download-1 (22).png
"Atone for your sins"-Ban from Seven Deadly Sins
download-1 (24).png
"It was written in the stars all along"-Rosalina and Luma from Super Mario Galaxy(Really proud of the name cause I'm bad at puns)

Too lazy to think of an SA for them sorry
Here we go again.
"Smokin!'" - The Mask
SA: Toon Force
SA1: Projectile critical hits have a 25/35/50% chance to inflict a random debuff (excluding doom and stun) for seven seconds.
SA2: When the enemy has 5/4/3 or more debuffs, Peacock can't take more than 2% damage from a single hit.
Masquerblade Peacock.png
"You look like you're in good shape." - Juri Han (Street Fighter 4)
SA: Eye Brawl
SA1: Blockbuster hits have a 15/20/25% chance to give enrage for eight seconds.
SA2: Defeating an opponent with a blockbuster gives 1/2/3 stack(s) of evade and 50% meter for all blockbusters.
Web Brawler Cerebella.png
"You merely adopted the darkness. I was born in it, molded by it." - Bane (DC)
SA: Charge!
SA1: Inflict armor break and death mark after 20/17/15 seconds.
SA2: If a blocked hit does more than 6/5/4% damage to the opponent, Painwheel's next hit will be unblockable.
Banewheel Painwheel.png
"Blood! Darkness! I shall drown the world in both!" - Inferno (Soul Calibur)
SA: Living Hell
SA1: While above 50% health, get one stack of evade and enrage every 5/4/3 seconds when not getting hit. A stack of enrage is removed when Double loses a stack of evade.
SA2: While below 50% health, critical hits heal 50/75/100% of damage dealt.
Royal Flesh Double.png
"Your diagnosis? Negative." - Dr. Mario
SA: Pill Pushed
SA1: When using a blockbuster, become either fire, water, or light, and get enrage for 5/7/10 seconds.
SA2: Do 50/75/100% more damage while at an elemental advantage.
P.H.Dominate Valentine.png