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H, i have two suggestions:
descarga.png descarga (1).png
-Light Master: reference to Mace Windu and master Yoda -Orionis. from Jack Kirby's Forth World Orion
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It's me again.
-Duchess: this parasoul is reference to "The Baroness" from G.i.joe universe.
-DADA BOOK. from Jennifer Kent's Babadook movie.
-Great Guy: based on Frank Miller's Big Guy and Rosty the boy robot character.
-Hell Swan: Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn.
-Mistery Bot: reference to Mistery Machine from Scooby Doo show.
-Best Friends: inspired by Sponge Bob and Patrick Star.
baronesa.png descarga (5).png

GREAT GUY.png HELLSPAIN.png scooby robi doo.png sponge.png
More suggestions!
-Vampiress: from Vampirella comics
-Negative: just negative photos look.
-SHAG: Scooby doo fusioned with Shaggy.
-Slime: based on GhostBusters' Slimer
-Clever Girl: another Scooby doo character, this time is Velma Dinkley
-Bounty Hunter: reference to dc comics' Lobo
descarga (6).png negativas.png shaggy doo.png slimer.png vilimita.png wulf.png
and more suggestions, enjoy!
-Deadly Viper: reference to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Beatrix Kiddo.
-Wulf Jones: the last character from Scooby Doo, now Freddy Jones.
-Animated: based on Animaniac's Dot
-Val's Laboratory: from Dexter's Laboratory TV Show
-Eternal Life: Tribute to Egypt god Osiris
-beatrix.png beowulf jones.png dot.png laboratorio.png osiris.png
Hi guys, Here some ideas inspired in Mexican Wresling

-First one: DR. WULF, tribute to Dr. Wagner Jr. legend from Lucha Libre Triple A
-Last one: What a Monkey?. based on most famous mexican wrestler today: KeMonito

dr beowulf.png dr. wagner.jpg dr. wulf man.png kemonistico.png kemonito.jpg wht a monkey.png
"With great power, comes great responsiblity"
Signature Ability: Spider-sense
SA1: SPECIAL MOVES inflict SLOW and HEALBLOCK for 3/4/5s.
SA2: Every hit has a 20/35/50% chance to STUN 3s the opponent if have 5/4/3 stacks of SLOW. and remove all BUFFs.

open english punto com clases en vivo las veinticuatro horas al dia. uwu
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There are ways to use screenshots to use for the character. I don't know how to do that but it exists
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Hey Everyone-!
Since Annie will be the game soon... I made a few Steven Universe Palettes that would fit her over-all design.

First is Connie Could Version. Can be seen in "Open Book" episode. Here's the original

Next is still Connie but in the Future (Side Note: I made Sagan pink so it would resemble Lion.)
Here's the original
Annie_Test2 (1).png

Next one is our beloved Pearl (I made Sagan Purple to like Amethyst.)
Here's the original

Annie_Test2 (3).png

Last one is Lapis Lazuli-!
Here's the original
Annie_Test2 (2).png
That's All I have for today hihihih


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Well, at the time of this post, all Bronze and Silver Annie variants have been revealed through the SGM Twitter. And while my predictions for said variants have been well off (which certainly doesn’t kill any of my anticipation; they are hella good imho), there’s still Gold and Diamond. Until then, here’s all three of my own Annie palettes I made.

Firstly: A twist on a suggestion I made in a post some time ago. While I suggested Captain Olimar and a Red Pikmin from the Pikmin series, I opted for Brittany from Pikmin 3. Feel free to tackle the former if you want.

Next up: A palette referencing Ulala from Space Channel 5. Keeping to a space theme, though I guess most would already see that. Not to aquatinted with this series in particular, so little bun bun friend was made to simply compliment the colors. Still looking fresh tho.


Third and lastly: the starship and Boss Galaga from Galaga... Listen, I strive to conjure up ideas that most wouldn’t think of immediately. ‘Tis a burden that I honestly don’t need to inflict on myself, but will do so in the name of originality... or maybe I’m drained on fitting video game references I’m somewhat familiar with and currently scraping the bottom of the barrel. Who knows? Eh, I still made it either way, so it’s whatever.


That’s all, folks. Go home. Or just keep doing what you were doing before; I ain’t your parental figure.
Hi, I made 4 new palette ideas-!
(They all have no reference.)

First one is Parasoul.
Her Abilities:

"Frozen Threat."

Freezing Point
SA1: Every 10th basic combo hits, Inflict SLOW and ARMOR BREAK. If the opponent has ARMOR BREAK and SLOW active, gain HASTE and PRECISION per 2/1.5/1 second(s) while near to the opponent. (Using a Blockbuster will remove the opponent's ARMOR BREAK and SLOW.)

SA2: All of your Critical Hit(s) will not activate the opponent's Special Abilities and also all living teammate's Accuracy is increased to 30/40/50%.

Next One Is Cerebella.
download (1).png
Her Abilities:

"Aww did I give you the chills?"

Winter's Blessing
SA1: There's a 50/75/100% chance to gain INVINCIBILITY for 5 seconds when the opponent uses a Tier 3 Blockbuster.

SA2: There's a 25/50/75% chance to gain 3/4 stacks of ENRAGE for 5 seconds if used a Tier 3 Blockbuster. Also at the beginning of the match, gain HASTE and FATIGUE for 20 seconds.

Next one is Ms Fortune-!
download (3).png
Her abilities:

"I Sold My Soul For This."

The Devil's Work
SA1: Gain 2 Random Buffs/Debuffs(Except DOOM and STUN) that lasts for 10 seconds for every 40/30/20 seconds.

SA2: Deal 50/75/100% more Damage if you have an Active Debuff(s) or Piercing is increased by 15/30% if you have an Active Buff(s).

Last one for today is Valentine-!
download (2).png
Her Abilities:

"I'm So Tasty."

SA1: When facing a Dark Element, gain 2/3 Buffs for 10 seconds and all of your stats is increased by 10/15/20%.

SA2: When facing Any Element (Except Dark), gain 2/3 ENRAGE stacks of enrage for 5 seconds and your Armor and Resistance is increased by 15/20/30%.

That's all I have for today-!

descarga.png descarga (2).png descarga (1).png So, I thought this could be a nice idea. If you know the last Fire emblem game, maybe you will recognise the inspiration of this 3 amigos. Wich path will you choose?
Hey Everyone-!
I got bored and finished all of my schools and I decided to make custom palettes because why not?

First one is Filia (Attack on Titans Outfit Reference).
download (1).png
Her Abilities:

"To You, 2000 Years From Now."

From You, 2000 Years Ago
SA1: For every 7/6/5th Evaded Hit(s), You gain a Timeless Buff and Each is Removed after getting any hit(s) from the opponent.

SA2: After Evading 15 Hits, Teammate(s) gain EVASION for every 30/20/10 seconds of the remaining match.

Second is Eliza-!
Her Abilities:

"Why did you wake up?"

SA1: At the start of the match, immediately enter Sekhmet Mode and gain 2/3 stacks of Timeless ENRAGE. If killed an opponent during in Sekhmet Mode without any Buff(s), gain 3 Permanent Random Buffs(except for INVINCIBILE, FINAL STAND, and EVASION) and Inflict HEX, HEAL BLOCK, and HEAVY BLEED for 10/15/20 seconds.

SA2: All attacks will become Unblockable and Unbreakable if opponent has 5/4/3 active Debuffs. Also, Teammate(s) gains 3 stacks of BLESSING if killed during in Sekmeth Mode.

Third one is Robo-Fortune-!
download (2).png
Her abilities:

"Insert Cheezt Quotes Here"

Stunning Fazhion
SA1: Lasers has a 2/5/8% chance of inflicting STUN for 5 seconds and removes opponent's active buff(s).

SA2: 25/50/75% of the damage dealt to a STUNNED opponent is regained as Health. Block Buster Damage is also increased by 60/80/100% to a STUNNED opponent.

Last one is Ms. Fortune-!
download (3).png
Her abilities:

"My Head!"

SA1: Head Hit(s) has a 5/10/15% chance to become Unblockable and gain a ENRAGE and REGEN for 5/7/10 seconds. Also, Ms. Fortune's Head can no longer by hit.

SA2: Gain Timeless EVASION and BARRIER after getting 5/4/3 each stacks of ENRAGE and REGEN.

Also here's a Bonus Annie Palette Idea xD
That's All-!

It's been,,,,, seven hundred years,,,,,,,,, but I'm back and I have Jojo palettes!

"I'm a proud member of the Medici family."


"It's time for my resolve to shine."

"I just gotta keep my distance! That's all!"
Danganronpa time!
BEARITONE (Monokuma).png
"Upupupupu..." - Monokuma

"Two people people can never become one as long as the walls of mind and body exist." - Junko Enoshima

CREW CUT (Mukuro).png
"Fukua... You'll fall into despair if you kill me!" - Mukuro Ikusaba

"Everyone, calm down. There's no reason to panic." - Kyoko Kirigiri

MEDIC MANIA (Mikan).png
"What I did...was for the sake of my beloved." - Mikan Tsumiki

LUNAR PLEXUS (Kaito).png
"I'm Beowulf, Luminary of the Stars!" - Kaito Momota
i'm gonna singlehandedly drag this thread out of the dirt with a redux of my MLP themed cards!

"What I'm telling you is the honest truth." - Applejack

"Holy moly, that's a lotta holeys!" - Pinkie Pie

"Take that, you ruffian!" - Rarity

"Never judge a book by its cover." - Twilight Sparkle

"In sameness, there is peace." - Starlight Glimmer

"Am I the only one who thinks this is overkill?" - Sunset Shimmer

"I should've destroyed you!" - Princess Celestia

"FACE YOUR FEARS!!!" - Princess Luna

"My love will give you strength." - Princess Cadance

"There is no story. I was born this way." - Queen Chrysalis​
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hello, i come bearing more cards ^_^ this time based off the yellow submarine movie :D
Yellow Machine - A water gold variant.
"Sky of blue and sea of green."


His Blueness - A water gold variant.
"A thing of beauty; destroy it forever!"
Nowhere Girl - An air gold variant.
"Ad hoc ad loc and quid pro quo, so little time, so much to know!"
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