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"I'll show that Parker kid who's the better photographer"
Mall Wars.png

"Who brought the marshmallows? Cause I'm bringing the fire"
Devil Smasher.png
My 3rd Nero Palette. The other 2 were Fukua and Eliza in his DMC4 appearance

"Who wants a piece of the champ?!"
Pimpin' Style.png

"I am the Messiah!"
Original Messiah.png
The Best Final Boss in Mega Man History

"The More The Merrier"
Flaker Ahoy.png Capping this collection with an Original
Got a lot of cards in my phone’s photo album and an urge to share some after making a bunch of Robos over the weekend.

“All warfare is based on deception.”

“If you’re nothing without the suit, you don’t deserve the suit.”

“Let’s go out with a bang.”

“We’re all in the mood for a melody, and you got us feeling alright.”

“These hands are rated E for everyone.”

“Upgrades, people. Upgrades.”

Lady Luck: Nell (Advance Wars)
Rated X: SA-X (Metroid)
Delta Fuse: King Bob-omb (Mario)
Plug n’ Play: Dorothy Haze (VA-11 Hall-A)
Crossed Wires: Meow (Animal Crossing)
Cutting Edge: Poppi QTπ (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Black Dahlia as Lorelei Lee from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". You might know this one.
Made with some nods towards the original costume for "Barrels Diamonds are a girl's best friend".
_custom_dahlia1 (1).png_custom_dahlia2.png
"Gravity's got it out for you."
SA: Apple Tree
SA1: Every 15/10/5 seconds if Annie is below 50% health she will gain 7 seconds of regen.
SA2: If Annie is defeated with a blockbuster while benefiting from regen, stun the opponent for 2/4/6 seconds


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" Roundem up!"
SA: Wild Side
SA1: Throws inflict slow for 5/10/15 seconds
SA2: When defeating an opponent, gain haste for 5/10/15 seconds


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"*Tractor Noises*"
SA: Plant and Plow
SA1: Every 90/60/30 seconds gain 1 permanent stack of regen
SA2: When using a blockbuster while above 4/3/2 stacks of regen convert all stacks of regen into permanent bleed and apply it to the opponent
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Introducing the first ever neutral bronze!
"Not that kind of cowgirl..."
SA: Calcium Overload
SA1: Every 20/15/10 seconds Cerebella Gains a stack of armor for 20 seconds.
SA2: When Cerebella reaches 5 stacks of armor she gains 1/2/3/ stacks of enrage that each last 30 seconds.
"Forget the pain, let it wash away"
SA: Hard Times
SA1: When a teammate suffers from a debuff, convert it into 1 stack of either Enrage, Armor, Regeneration, Blessing, or Thorns for 5/10/15 seconds depending on the teammate’s element.
SA2: If a teammate is at an elemental disadvantage, they gain immunity for 15/20/30 seconds when a debuff is converted.
To celebrate the fact we are getting a playable Black Dahlia on mobile pretty soon, I made a new set of custom palettes for some fighters + some og skins and characters I wish to see in future :D

"I got a habit for destruction" (Charli XCX Crash Deluxe album cover)

"Now, you've got my attention." (Yae Miko from Genshin Impact)


"You can fight?!" (Mewberty from SVTFOE)


"You can't run away!" (og Marie)


"I predict you’re going to make everyone uncomfortable." (Padparadscha from Steven Universe)


"How fitting. Now you shall be sacrificed to our cause." (og Venus)

"F is for friends who do stuff together, right Hungern?"
SA: Stay Together
SA1: 10%/15%/20% chance replacing debuff on self and teammates with it's counterpart. If the buff expired teammates gain 3 stacks of blessings last for 10/12/15 seconds
SA2: If umbrella's the first one to fight she gains haste and autoblock for 10/12/15 seconds as well applying 2 stacks of wither on enemies
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Dead Stopper.png
This one was hard

"Mary died a long time ago. My name, is Lady"
Living Arsenal.png

"Let's Do The Time Warp Again"
Oldie Goldie.png
Someone messed up the Time machine and sent Cerebella to the 80's

"You Think You're So Smart, huh?"
TV Problem.png
Ms. Fortune as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees from "Cats", because I found it to be intriguing.
MsFortune_FelineLucky (1).png

And then it's Umbrella as Roger Wilco from his "Space Quest 5" incarnation... again. With Hungern as Droole and Umbrella's hat as Spike.
I just can't let it go.
Umbrella_Wunderkind (2).pngUmbrella_RoseTinted (1).png
Another set, though only one palette but since I am so excited about possible future dlc characters, made three more :)

"Sweet talkers only say what you want to hear." (Yelan from Genshin Impact)

A bronze variant for Leduc (I hope he gets playable due time 🤞)

A bronze variant for Ileum, a motherly figure and the scariest character w most interesting playstyle

A bronze variant for Brain Drain who I hope gets an actual playable era soon (lore wise)