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Skullgirls Mobile Nuzlocke Challenge!


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Jun 24, 2019
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I'm not the first person to think of this, but it caught my interest so I decided to write down some rules for myself.
If I have enough free time, I'd love to give this a try!

Skullgirls Mobile Nuzlocke Challenge

Win / Loss Conditions:
(pick one or make up your own)

Win: Beat Story mode 100% on all difficulties.
Lose: You have no more fighters and get soft-locked in story mode.
Win: Reach 100 streak in Prize Fights.*
Lose: You get tired of the challenge and give up.
Win: Evolve your original Rerun to diamond.
Lose: Rerun dies.
Win: Reach Diamond 4 in Rift Battles
Lose: ???

Score / Progress counter:
This might depend on your win condition, but if your goal is to beat story 100%, then it could be something along these lines:
Current score/progress is counted by the latest difficulty, act, and percentage beaten.
For example: Expert, Act 3, 23%
All previous acts and difficulties must be beaten 100% for the next act to count towards the score.
For example: If you're beaten Basic, act 1, 87%, act 2, 100%, and act 3, 47%, your score is still Basic, Act 1, 87%

Standard Rules:
Dead fighters retire from fighting and may never enter a fight again.
They may however be sacrificed for XP, or used as evolution fodder.
Dying to a double KO at the very last frame of the fight counts as a death.
(for example: by dying to Immoral Fiber, or reflect damage from the final hit)
Dying after the fight is over from doom or other shenanigans does not count as a death.
(for example: killing the last fighter in Master Peacock Origin, then dying during the victory pose due to the doom modifier. This does not count as a death.)

Additional Modifiers (clauses):
These are additional rules that can be applied to better define what happens in different situations, or to make things more interesting.
Some of these directly contradict each other, so choose with care!
(green = easy, red = hard)

Also feel free to make up your own :>

Timeout Modifiers:
What happens if the fight times out? (pick one)
Modifier: Live To Fight Another Day
Effect: Timing out does not count as dying. But if anyone died before the timeout, that still counts as a death.
Modifier: 3 Minutes To Live
Effect: Timing out kills everyone participating in the fight

Resurrection Modifiers:
What happens if fighters are resurrected during the fight? (pick one)
Modifier: Don't Die On Me Now!
Effect: Any fighters who fall in battle may be saved by being resurrected during the fight they died in.
Any fighters who are dead when the battle ends, whether it ends in victory or defeat, are permanently dead.
Modifier: And Stay Down!
Effect: Any fighters who fall in battle will instantly and permanently die.
Variants with an SA that resurrects themselves (like Last Hope) may use their SA to survive.
Fallen fighters may be temporarily resurrected as zombies during the fight they died in, but zombies are fragile creatures and will permanently die once the fight is over.

Variant Modifiers:
Whether you're allowed to use duplicates or not. (pick one)
Modifier: Clone Wars
Effect: Each fighter card counts as a unique fighter in your roster.
You may use as many of the same variant as you like, and if a fighter dies, only that fighter card is retired.
Modifier: One of a kind
Effect: Only 1 of each variant may be used.
If a variant dies, every duplicate of that variant dies with it.
Good luck getting skill points and high-tier evolution fodder, sucker
Modifier: One of a kind...of
Effect: Same as One of a kind.
However, you may level up duplicates for skill points and fodder, as long as they don't actively participate in the fight.

Other modifiers:
None of these contradict each other, so any of them could be added.
Modifier: Shining Light
Effect: A shiny fighter may be transferred to a dead variant to resurrect them.
Modifier: Battle Royale
Effect: We die together! As long as the fight is won, everyone who participated get resurrected by the power of comradery.
If the fight times out, any dead fighter is left behind to die permanently.
(too easy? well Nuzlocking SGM is insane to begin with, so don't be ashamed!)
Modifier: Infinite Cosmos
Effect: Each Rift battle takes place in a parallel universe. Don't worry about anyone dying in there, since those are just different versions of your fighters from an alternate reality. If they die, who cares? It's not your problem.
Modifier: CoC Blocked
Effect: You may not use the Cabinet of Curiosities at all.
Modifier: Forever Alone
Effect: You may not open gifts sent by friends. Feel free to send them tho, you're not a monster!
Modifier: Franklin's Challenge
Effect: Spend $100 on relics after the tutorial. These are the only fighters you'll ever own.
(i know, weird flex, but maybe there's some streamer or youtuber out there who has money to throw)

That's it!
Just remember: The beautiful thing about Nuzlocke challenges is that you set your own rules for it!
So these are just the rules and modifiers I've thought of so far :)
I'd love to hear what you'd do if you Nuzlocked SGM!

If I did this challenge, my set of rules for myself would probably be:
Win Condition: Reach 100 streak in Medici perma-bleed prize fight
Standard Rules, plus...
Live To Fight Another Day
Don't Die On Me Now
One Of A Kind...of
Shining Light
• and maaaaybe Infinite Cosmos

*Thank you Mopey for the idea of 100 streak win condition <3
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