• [2018/06/22]
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So, that Miitopia demo...


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Oct 24, 2019
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Made a wigless version too! I think this version will work better for NPCs and characters that can't wear wigs. Looks a little jank due to the hair shading from some angles, but other than that I think I prefer the look of this one.


EDIT: Made a few tweaks to the bangs, so I updated the pictures. I might also continue refining her design, but those changes may be too small to bother changing the photos over, so this'll be the last Annie post before I start on other characters...

Can't promise I'll make all the fighters, but I at least want to make Umbrella, Robo, and a few others. Gonna make them all wigless from now on too, since I'm pretty certain it'll make them easier to use for different roles without having to worry about weird shading or other artefacts from the wig removal.
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