• [2018/06/22]
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Other Some ideas I've been thinking about

Sep 29, 2017
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First things first, I think, it would Help to have to character rank above gold, a Diamond rank, or a Gold+ that you could only get from evolving a gold, however unless you made a prize fight for only these ones, they'd dominate the Normal Gold fights. Another Idea I had, is somehow putting the ability to To dhc, Or, Delayed hyper combo, I'm not sure how you would pull this off, perhaps holding the character icon as your doing a blockbuster, but then which block buster would your ally do? And Lastly, a more stupid idea, a rotating Shop, every 24 hours, you'd get a selection of character points and specials for canopy coins, and keys and blockbusters for theonite, just a small way to Gain some extra items if they have the currency, but then, this kinda makes things a bit pay to win, so really, I don't know, these are all cool ideas, but they're all really flawed, so even if I could add them in, I'd first balance them all, ESPECIALLY The Diamond character idea, but yeah, Thoughts?