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"Star Child" - Strategy & Discussion


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Oct 24, 2019
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Star Child

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Rarity: Bronze
Element: Wind

SA: Star Dust
While in STAR POWER mode, each hit blocked by the opponent has a 10% chance to inflict GUARD BREAK and SLOW for 15 seconds.
BLOCKBUSTERS deal 50% bonus damage while in STAR POWER mode.
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Personal Thoughts (In a second post to not clutter the main post):
- Seems like she's got pretty good potential as a defensive variant, with almost a built-in Scratching Post in a way.
- Also seems to be a good teaching tool for managing Star Power wisely and only using it when needed, but I can imagine that using it against blocking opponents to make use of her SA means she won't have much left during actual combos once their block is broken.
Unblockable attacks are nothing to sneeze at, on both offense and defence. While an intercept strategy seems like a good idea to counter it on defence, there's also the posssibility that the Annie AI might be programmed to use Crescent Cut to cover her approaches, which would make intercepting more risky. However, she presumably still does need to build up and activate Star Power before getting access to Guard Break, and since she'd only have bronze stats, it seems pretty likely that she might end up dying before she even gets a chance to do so. So ultimately I think she'll end up being used for offence more than defence.

I am curious, though. A few other characters typically have a few special moves or blockbusters that are able to inflict that character's signature debuff. So Annie might end up inflicting Guard Break with one or more of her moves. Depending on which one it is, Annie variants in general might be something to fear when they're used on defence (especially Crescent Cut. The thought of Guard Break on that is just gross).
Good points, the new AI is pretty good at setting up openings by using moves and we haven't seen the secondary effects on most of the moves so far. I'm guessing at least her Burst is going to inflict Guard Break, and probably one or more of her projectile attacks will too.

Also her Prize Fight is probably going to inflict Guard Break via its modifiers, and depending on *how* it's inflicted the modifiers will probably benefit either the player or the AI really heavily.
I wonder if Guard Break will be able to be mitigated by stats such as Block Prof%. If it does, then perhaps also inflicting Death Mark would be even deadlier.
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