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Stat ratings


Jun 7, 2017
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I agree with Moisterrific's stat rankings, at least for the top ones, but I've been trying to figure out how to value them a little more precisely. Is meter gain + bleed resist better or worse than hp% + attack%? This is what I came up with, hope someone else finds it useful.

DEFENSE: 10 points
Baseline: 0% + 15% from skill tree
After the 50% cap it's worthless, but up to the cap it's twice as good as HP%. 100% bonus HP means you can take twice as much damage, but you only need 50% defense for the same.

HP%: 5 points
Baseline: 0% (hp bonuses on skill tree increase base hp value)
Half as effective as defense, but still one of the best stats.

HP#: 1/2/4 points (gold/silver/bronze)
Baseline: 0
This is added AFTER hp% bonuses. This is equivalent to hp% if the base hp is 2500. Therefore it's weaker than hp% on most bronze characters by the time they max out, and even moreso on silver and golds. Natural golds average somewhere over 25k hp when maxed so this is only about 1/10 as good as hp% in the worst case.

ATTACK%: 5 points
Baseline: 0% (attack bonuses on skill tree increase base attack value)
Some fighters will do better with more hp, some with more attack, but these are roughly on par in terms of overall effectiveness.

ATTACK#: 1/4/7 points (gold/silver/bronze)
Baseline: 0
This is added AFTER attack% bonuses. This is equivalent to attack% if the base attack is 1000. Therefore it's better than attack% on most bronze characters, even with maxed out attack trees, but is worse than attack% on a maxed silver. Natural golds average somewhere around 5000 base attack when maxed so this is only about 1/5 as good as attack% in the worst case.

METER GAIN: 7 points
Baseline: 0%
Is building meter twice as fast better than doing twice as much damage? Hard to measure but probably so, since blockbusters are so powerful. Is it twice as good as extra damage? Uh... probably not?

CRIT RATE: 10 points if SA depends on it, 1 point otherwise
Baseline: 5% + 15% from tree
CRIT DAMAGE: 1 point
Baseline: 20% + 15% from tree
"Crit rate" is a percentage chance to make a critical hit, which does more damage than a regular hit; how much bonus damage is base on the "crit damage" stat. Because of this, the crit rate and crit damage stats each increase the value of the other. At 45% crit rate and 45% crit damage, increasing either one by 1% will increase average damage by 0.2%, making it 1/5 as effective as attack%. Note that some special abilities are tied to critical hits, so for those fighters crit rate is dramatically more important.

Baseline: 20%
This is roughly equivalent to attack% but since there are five elements this only takes effect in 1/5 of fights.

Baseline: 20%
Roughly the same as element bonus, slightly better since improving on 80% damage is better than improving on 120%, but has no effect on light or dark fighters and is capped at -20% so I don't recommend taking this one on purpose.

Baseline: 0% + 15% from tree
Blocking reduces damage taken by about 80% so this acts like defense on the last 20%.

STUN RESIST: 2 points
You're never going to stack enough of this to rely on it, but given the devastating effects of a stun this is still a little more interesting than the 1-point stats.

Disables are not as bad as stuns but can still swing a fight so having some resistance here is not a bad thing.

CRIT RESIST: 0 points
Potentially useful against fighters that depend on crits for special abilities, but not terribly exciting as a damage reduction mechanism. 100% crit resist would reduce damage taken by about 7% if the opponent just has the base 20% crit rate and 35% crit damage from the skill tree.

BLEED RESIST: 0 points
Certain special abilities are triggered by bleed effects, but ignoring that, a 5 second bleed will do about 5% damage to your health if not cleared somehow. Considering most fighters that apply bleeds will do it multiple times per fight, this makes it more valuable than crit resist in those situations, but somewhere under half of fighters are likely to apply bleeds at all and if you pick up a stack of bleeds you can tag out, so overall this resistance is not a priority.

Low chance to resist an effect that reduces damage done or increases damage received for a few seconds: meh. Slightly more useful for fighters like Resonant Evil who depend on armor, but still for the most part you don't want to waste a stat slot on these.
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May 9, 2017
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HP% + ATK% is better than meter gain + bleed resist

The most suitable stats vary for each individual fighter. For example: a Bloodbath Eliza should never build any bleed resist. While Armed Forces Cerebella would go great with plenty of armor break resist. etc.