• [2018/06/22]
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Story Story Mode should have major character development, plot revelations, lore, etc.


May 26, 2017
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Since Lab Zero is working on Indivisible and we might not get a mainline Skullgirls for a while, I'd like if the Story Mode could spread the marmalade of puns and zaniness over a thick slab of plot & world building wheat toast.

To be clear, I like the writing of the Story Mode so far. BUT, it doesn't provide much other than a quick-and-dirty summary of the main story concepts and some terrible (but great at the same time) jokes.

There's a lot the original Skullgirls loses in having a bunch of concurrent AU plots centered around only a small handful of fights. In the mobile's one-story, serialized format, there's a lot of room to reveal details of the world that would clutter the main game's story mode liberally throughout, mission by mission. And have an overarching plot that make players sweat in desperation as they wait for updates. It might be the as-of-now ideal place to write a big Skullgirls story.

It also seems relatively resource-light to manufacture the story around assets that exist from the main game, etc.

It's OKAY to have mobile game fluff for a story, but the game's core mechanics and progression systems are sooo meaty. I'd love if the story got that meaty, too.

P.S. Having her name be listed as "Marie (The Skullgirl)" looks really bad. You might want to take that out in an update, especially since as soon as she comes in, everyone's like, "GASP! It's the Skullgirl!"
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