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Other suggestion about hack user & rift / prize fight reward and compensation

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by crx, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. crx

    crx Member

    Jul 19, 2018
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    (I'm sorry that my English is not good, so please excuse me.)

    There are lots of hack users on Rift Battle and Prize Fight.
    And numerous faithful users suffer from them.

    Especially in the case of Rift Battle, not to mention the mental stress, sincere users lose their score in real time and lose their winning streak, victory rewards, additional rewards for winning streak, and rift scores they could not recover.

    So I suggest,
    Do not give a reward Immediately after the end of Rift Battle and Prize Fight,
    but 'have a term of banning hack users'.
    And after they are all expelled, calculate the scores and give rewards to sincerely played users.

    If you are going to bench out hack users someday, I think it would be better to ban in a timely manner so that there are fewer victims.
    I am afraid that the operators will not have enough time to operate the game, so the reward time will be okay in three or four days after the Rift Battle and Prize Fight ends. (Maybe a week also be fine, in my view, if you operators do not have enough time.)
    Instead, please ban the hack users who are reported on the forum and exclude them from rewards.
    And perhaps, if possible, please post their nicknames on the forum thread, so we can identify them.

    Even if the rewards come late, I suggest that because it should be just and fair.

    Especially in the case of Rift Battle, It is ideal to give compensation for users who beaten by hack users immediately, but it seems difficult for you to do. If you can not compensate in real time for the users who suffered, you will at least have to compensate them for their enormous efforts afterwards. When you check hack user reports, you could compensate victims for defeats.
    like compensations for winning streak, victory rewards, additional rewards and scores for winning streak, and add those score to their result and then distribute the rewards and titles. Maybe additional rift tickets for next rift season could be help, because they would had bought some tickets to make up their score.

    In the case of Prize Fight, it is somewhat easy because it's not a real time matching and do not have score reduce penalty, so just exclude all the hack users after the end of Prize Fight, then give rewards to sincerely played users.
    Currently, the hack users get Prize Fight rewards, and later they are (or maybe) expelled from ban. It is absurd, because it means real users could not get rewards and distributed rewards are no more than disappearing.

    I saw many users (even most top rankers) disappointed in and lose their interest of this game because of hack users.

    I hope the executives think about and respond accurately to the people who truly love and play this game. And more directly, who invest in this game.

    If you do not punish the hack users quickly and do not compensate sincere users for their suffering, the end of the game is settled.

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  2. Tom Kulczewski

    Tom Kulczewski Active Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    I imagine it'd be kind of a hassle to incorporate, but losing a rift battle to a hacker seems like it'd get on the nerves of anyone. Luckily I've never experienced it first-hand, but I've seen a lot of people posting photos of impossible scores and all.
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