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Fights Suggestions: Autobattle/Fight Assist


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Nov 22, 2017
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It's my current believe that the autobattle(A.K.A. Fight Assist) system could be better in more ways than one.
One suggestion is improving the Autobattle AI. I can already feel the hesitancy of some of you but hear me out. Understandably, you don't want people depending on the AI to fight for them, but having an Autobattle AI with 3x the fighter score loose to a regular AI at a low Prize Fight streak is just embarrassing. If the Autobattle AI is even double the score it should at least be a toss up. Once again, I'm not saying make the Autobattle AI equal strength to the AI its fighting, but some minor improvements could really go a long way. Another benefit to improving the Autobattle AI is that players can learn combos from them, which makes them better at the game.

Now that I've beaten that to the ground, on to my second point: Programming when autobattle stops.
So this is a little more tricky, but it will be especially useful to players, such as myself, who use autobattle to get through the first few streaks in Prize Fights. Just like how you can turn Autobattle off in settings, imagine being able to tell the button to go away after a certain streak. Since this is different for each player, a standard wouldn't work so players could choose at which streak they want the button to go away, if they want it to always be present, or if they want the button gone completely. This way, players can choose to autobattle up to a streak they know they can get to comfortably (let's say, streak 7) and once they fight a team on streak 8 the button will no longer be visible. Ultimately, Players will get all the benefits of autobattle without having to worry about accidentally hitting the button (and possibly ruining their streak) or it getting in their way later.

Thank you for reading my crazy long post, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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