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"UNDERSTUDY" - Strategy and Discussion

Discussion in 'Cerebella' started by Liam, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    This thread is for discussing Cerebella's bronze variant: "UNDERSTUDY"
    General strategy, team position, character role, etc.
    It all goes here!

    * Please note that the fighter score shown in this image may not reflect the actual fighter score of the variant in game.
    #1 Liam, Nov 16, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
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  2. moisterrific

    moisterrific Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2017
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    I think she deserve a buff, her current SA1 and 2 can be combined into 1 and she should get a new SA2 that makes up for her inherently low ATK.

    New SA:
    • While Understudy is alive, all teammates (including herself) gain a 50% bonus to THROW DAMAGE
    • While Understudy is alive, all teammates (including herself) have a 50% chance on THROWS to ignore the opponent’s ARMOR and DEFENCE
    This would help a bit with adding more defence/armor penetrating fighters to the meta, we really need more of those right now given how some losers like to run 3 max defence tanky Big Tops in silver
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  3. Animus66

    Animus66 Active Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Honestly buff ain't a big deal in my thought bronze league cerebella rocks theirs no comparison besides big band or Beowulf earlier i had a 3k silver cerebella and it tore through a harley quinn 10k like paper... Naturally team power too adding recovery so on but think its more of who she versus? You been getting the power downs? Don't think i would silver league another cerebella though not understudy at least not till the end of the end or when everything is unlocked.... Bit tricky them power downs move sets are more important then the build lol

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