• [2018/06/22]
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Valentine's Day Prize Fight - Roses are Red, Violence is Due


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Mar 30, 2018
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Roses are Red, Violence is Due Prize Fight (February Special Event) [02-01-22 / 02-28-22]
- #1 - 1,521,586,369
- #100 - 246,028,137
- 10% - 21,217,502
- 30% - 4,917,062
- 60% - 820,279

Any statisticians around? This year's 10% is half of last year's 10%. Maybe they are like me, putting off this shortest-month-PF to the last minute.

I must say I'm impressed by HVS's coding skills. They programmed the 150 million diamond relics to always contain the least-wanted fighter. Somehow the game does a psychic scan, reads how I really want 3 of the 5, but says, "Nah, here's your fourth Love Crafted Squigly." 😜
Probably more newer players bringing the average down if I had to guess. They can get far enough to do so much then give up. No Oh Mai for 10% might lower it too as she was a cool trophy.

Also yeah, I had a 4/5 chance for something I wanted and got Risky. But it's cool, if I get four more expensive primed I can get her PA full, then still not use her cause Primed is right there lol