• [2018/06/22]
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Mar 19, 2020
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Hi consider me a voice of the in game chat people . I have a lot of suggestions to add so I won’t waste your time.

how come players like me and you vie for fighters as the best part of this game and after we finally are rewarded with golds and diamonds were bombarded with having to re run already empty story mode to level them ? News of a new exp apk mode from our lovely friends juju and cellsai gave us notice to something resembling a new feature. That’s great but after weeks of leveling them instead of mere hours of gameplay what are we to do next ?

We aim for the only playable mode on skull girls, prize fights. It’s an awesome feature that over shadows it’s dimwitted cousin versus mode.

PvP is what most app fanatics regard as the vim And vigor of games but in skull girls it recreates the idea. pvp needs a resolution, to why it’s barren , lifeless . Why is the purpose for the fun pvp is created to manifest, other wise Boring and a more like a chore for daily Theonite reward . reduced to “ hey wanna trade a win for a win “ in the chat rooms.

This title has struck our “hearts” for years we can’t wait for release of each and every new character this year but Sadly anticipation has became half the fun . And prize fights and game chat has carried the other half. maybe they could try fixing versus mode to reflect the titan that is prize fights. It betters the interest of players giving more dimension to the game and I’m afraid this situation is unique and requires sight of the developers. You guys are the big brothers and I am not tryng to deprive you.