• [2018/06/22]
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Which character death saddened you the most?

I felt bad for valintine when her old team died. I’d say spoilers, but it’s right in her charecter introduction so if you didn’t know before, oh well.

Playing valentines story mode, if my memory is correct, double basically trolls the last hope with copies of themselves before she kills them. Or at least I think she did that with hallow, who has a great design by the way. Shame they all died.
I'm sure Adam wouldn't survive for long after that pre-match line from Umbrella... I'm already in mourning.

Back to topic, I guess, Contiello's family and friends dying was extremely sad and horrible. And Filia's parents too, considering that they were murdered by their own relatives. Seems that the whole point of the story is that the Skullgirl feels like a lesser threat, compared to some people.
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I'm gonna say Squigly's family and herself dying (and the audience seeing it) was downright depressing. And, just recently played Filia's Origin Story so, whew, was not expecting Marcus and Amelia to get got by Vitale... Talk about being done in by your own kind.
Squigly, her death was actually quite graphic, especially if u look at her in the game. Quite chilling if u take away the playful art style
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probably squigly. She didn't deserve to die
because double gave her mom the skull heart and the Medici just wanted it. It doesn't make sense in my opinion but they're part of the mafia so...
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Squigly, I don't know, made my heart sink when I saw her die
Squigly's, Painwheel's, Big Band's and Filia's story at most as equally. really felt heartbroken and very sad. eventually almost all
After watching peacocks and bb's story in 2nd encore, Marie's death saddened me most. She at last wanted to save Patricia and be with her again.
Marie's story in "Skullgirls 2nd Encore" is undeniably poignant, and her desire to save Patricia and reunite with her is a touching and emotional moment in the game's narrative. It's a testament to the depth of storytelling and character development in the game, which can evoke strong emotions and connections with the characters. Marie's story is a compelling and heart-wrenching aspect of the game's plot.