• [2018/06/22]
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Other Winning streaks constantly lost


Oct 14, 2018
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So as I would with any specifically time based event in this game like the one going on right now, the Stars and Stripes event, I would just be enjoying myself and going through some battles to earn the prizes y’all laid out for us to get and have a jolly ol’ time getting them... yeah, well it ain’t this time chief. I keep on unfairly losing my winning streaks that I earned. This is the second time it’s happened and I’m getting incredibly annoyed at just the thought of a third. It goes like this, I get a win, the loading takes longer then usual, the loading takes at least 2-4 minutes for some reason, without giving me a connection warning as it did before in 4.2 when the error message pops up saying the game can’t find a connection then retries to find one mind you, then the game loads me outside of the screen to pick which prize fight I want to pick, then I go to pick Stars and Stripes again, and it tells me I lost my streak. GREAT. Fantastic. This has never happened before. The problems with simply booting up the game which also weirdly takes longer for some reason, loading times in game, AND NEVER, have I encountered this problem with my streaks being lost before in previous outdated versions. I want to play this prize fight and level up my characters and keep on playing in general, but not at the cost of me having to constantly get pissed off at the servers for canceling my streaks that I earned, and certainly not at the cost of me popping a blood vessel for getting so angry at said streaks being lost. Please address these problems ASAP.
I have an IPhone 7 Plus.

As always, have a nice day devs. And I’ll see you around.