• [2018/06/22]
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Zuzuska's WATER Diamond Evaluation


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Jul 19, 2017
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This list of Water Elemental Fighters will try to help you pick what the BEST choices for Diamond evolution are. There will also be a few Great/Decent picks. Hopefully, this can help you determine who you want to spend your Elemental Essences on.
I'm splitting this list into Offensive Diamonds and Defensive Diamonds.

Possible Water Element Diamonds: Materia Girl, Cold Stones, Freedom Fighter, Robocopy, Understudy, Brain Freeze, Sundae School, Temple Tyrant, Myst Match, In Denile, Lapis Luxury, Bad Ms Frosty, Idol Threat, Rain Shadow, Feathered Edges, Just Kitten, Hack n' Splash, Twisted Mettle, Rage Appropriate, Biting Cold, No Egrets, Regally Blonde, Untouchable, Blue Bomber, Blue Screen, Dead Of Winter, Icy Hot, and Silent Kill.

Here's the list!:

Insane damage potential with the right combos and practice. Deals % health damage on crits with her head so heavily bulky enemies like Heavy Metal still have to be wary. She can virtually ignore self-armoring enemies by well-timing a block for Armor Break/Cripple which negates MA2 Painwheels almost entirely. She also now gains some Precision stacks so she doesn’t rely so heavily on Crit Rate moves anymore. The only downside is that she is very delicate and she takes a bit of setup relying so heavily on her SA1. BB meter management will also be important to using her and allowing enemies to hit her block in order to be effective. Very much a glass cannon, but a brutalizing one in the right hands and right fight modifier.

Silent Kill has a niche against self-buffing fighters although there’s much more competition in that arena now than before with the addition of Curse and Hex. She’s capable of going toe to toe with Untouchables, Resident Evils and in some cases Armed Forces. If you’ve got 3 Water Essences or don’t have a strong Doublicious she’s a decent character to break you through those defensive walls. Diamonding her would allow her to get past the misfortune of possessing low natural Valentine stats. Also available commonly as a 1-10% Gold PF Reward.

Brand new off the press, a great new Painwheel variant who… eats her enemies? She is truly terrifying and a very good counter to any team based around reviving. Her lack of self buffing damage is concerning though, you could pair her with an Oh Mai to boost her base damage and take advantage of the BB meter boost once you defeat an opponent. She seems more Defensive than Offensive.

Has access to constant Armor Break/Cripple by just blocking a normal attack which is huge considering Hack&Splash has to “well-time” hers. His SA2 Stun relies on the opponent carelessly throwing out a special move or blockable BB and it can turn the tides of a battle very quickly. He’s very strong as a Beowulf with wonderful base stats. Easily capable of taking enemies down that are above his weight class. Great Diamond Candidate.

Cold Stones has a stunning level of efficiency for a natural bronze. He performs amazingly well and benefits tremendously from Diamond Evolution. Using BBs and Special Moves along with Hype Mode, you can perform an alarming amount of throws. For every throw, he has a chance to inflict a stun that seemingly lasts ages. Dealing 50% bonus damage during that stun allows him to dish out lots of damage while also keeping his enemy stunlocked for large periods of time.

No Egrets does surprisingly well on her own; hence, No Egrets. She disables BBs frequently enough to stall out any possible BB3s and she can iisolate enemies until they are K.Oed. Her damage is meh, but with enough Crit Rate % and her MA2 with Crit Damage per active tear she can shred enemies in the right circumstances. Highly recommend pairing her with Sundae School as her default Debuffs are a bit short. Diamonding her would be a fair choice. She does have massive issues in certain PFs and against certain fighters that punish you for inflicting debuffs so be careful. *Queue Gene Therapy Flashbacks*

SA1 and her Great base stats are the only reason why she would be a decent Offensive pick. She has quite good base damage and controls the stage very well as a Cerebella. As she’s damaged her benefits wither though so she has to be in peak shape to do her best. No gimmicks, just flat damage.
Unique Support that extends Debuff durations for enemies and reduces them for teammates. Very Useful but her supporting ability is not tied to being a Diamond. Evolve her if you specifically want her to be more capable as a back-up in case the main fighter falls.

Doesn’t allow for players to keep their HP points on Rift Battles in a lot of cases. Gains passive armor stacks and is a bit of a wall to take out. Wasting as much time as possible is great in defending cases. She can also be revived to deal even more damage although it can be avoided by keeping one’s distance from her while dealing the final blow or using Hex/Precision.

Resurrects herself after 30 seconds so taking her out first is risky business. Also deals bonus damage while benefiting from Armor and Armor Catalysts are plentiful. She wastes a lot of time and can waste even more by granting Final Stand to allies damaged above her corpse.

Completely avoiding damage based on RNG and gaining Unflinching makes her quite dangerous to deal with. If you choose her MA; she can tag in with an unblockable attack and BB3 right away as a Peacock so that’s another aspect that could cause one to have to plan around her. Can be a pushover with the right heavy-hitting fighter and some luck.

The more hits = less damage dealt so you force enemies to do 1-10 hit combos otherwise they risk dropping a ton of damage to the combo reduction. She’s got a ton of health but is pretty easy to deal with if you’re experienced or have a heavy hitting low hit count fighter.

Sometimes avoids damage entirely and can deal a massive amount of damage in return as a Ms Fortune usually does. Scary if you’re unprepared or unlucky. Health pool is abysmal as a base Bronze Ms Fortune though.

Has some cheesy moments where a well-placed Wulf Shoot can stun and end a fighter’s life. A bit scarier than he looks, but bronze base stats and having to heavily rely on RNG hold him back. Worst thing you could do is underestimate who you need to fight this boi.

Eats all of your BB meter if you carelessly use one, not too hard to get rid of if she’s got no other supports though. Also very heavily dependent on teammate synergy and Move Stats like Defense% and HP%.

Annoying bleeds and can inflict a lot of them when she also has the Armor on crit MA. Low Natural Bronze stats hold her back a lot though. Helpful with Rift Battles if the opponent doesn’t have an answer for the bleeds. Reduces HP points gained.

If your fighter was not listed it does not mean the fighter isn't viable.
You are free to use whichever character you like the most at your own discretion.
Let me know what you think! I would love to be convinced if rankings need to be altered or mixed around. :)