• [2018/06/22]
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Here's my 10 Most Wanted DLC Characters for Skullgirls So Far: Feng, Minette, Umbrella, Stanley, Deep Violet, Black Dahlia, Marie, Aeon, Venus, and Brain Drain. Also, Molly isn't too far behind either. 😁
How to modify the name in the Gmail account?
You can edit and change your name in your Gmail account and for that, on your Android phone or tablet, go to the Settings app. Tap on Google and manage your Google Account. Now, tap on Personal info and then, under “Basic info” and tap on the “Name Edit” option and after that, enter your name and then, tap on Done to make changes.
Free awards are available at the store, not in the in-game mail.
I was about to lost mine.
Those are some heavy rewards though.
So I missed yesterday's Medici pf. 😞
All thanks to that thread ☹️
I lost my streak because I forgot that Moonstruck revives the teammates .
Actually, you can swipe, with 2 fingers, in any direction to perform a throw.
Even if your one finger is going down while the other one going up.
What do you think about Biting Cold? I got her twice in the last event.
Looking good so far.
But it's a defensive painwheel, so you may expect her performance to be somewhat like BlueScreen but with some more attack and more powerful defence.

(this comment can be further improved)
She seems good from what I saw of her in Holodeck. That 'standing on a body' SA works well both on defense and offense as long as you can manage to keep the opponent cornered. Plus, even if it needs some fixing, her 'no revives' SA still seems great. I really want her tbh.
Moonstruck or Material Girl?
First Annie investment, help!
@Disasterrr19 Okay, I'll go for Moonstruck.
For the diamond, I haven't decided any. 😅
Is Fire Branded really that fire? As I haven't seen any streamer praising her for anything. 🤷
What you thought?
It may be Class cutter or Shadow Puppet according to your suggestion. 🙃
Thanks for the help btw
heyy b
heyy b
firebranded is pretty cool she has a self sufficient infinite with only 3 moves
8 out of 8 silver is an excellent event to beat at 1-100, it was clearly worth it, maybe at least add a second diamond key to the reward for the events?
No Holodeck Event this week.😞
All of us trying to get into the game right now: