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    This thread will try to compile all combo attacks with specials or blockbusters and how to link them together, for begginners, first character will be:


    Cerebella is the easiest character to create heavy damage combos, because of specials such as Pummel Horse, which can be used in a wide variety of ocassions, you can launch your opponent and use it to stagger him and reset the combo, but beware If you use Pummel Horse after teching a throw or causing stagger in the same combo, Pummel Horse will not cause stagger. Also note that the combo reset will not work on other Cerebella.

    Another great attack is Diamonds Are Forever, with this attack you will cause heavy damage to the opponent and from it you can continue with Pummel Horse, but for it to work you need to use it a little bit later, it will not work if you use it right after, unless you are in the corner. Or you can follow it up with Excellebella, which will connect if you use it right after and can possibly cause a reset because of the stun possibility, but it isn't as consistant as the third option: Diamond Dynamo, with all this set a great combo can be: normal combo, Diamonds Are Forever, Pummel Horse, normal combo, launcher, Diamond Dynamo or Excellebella
    (remember to share your own combo are add more details)

    Peacock has simple yet destructive sets, the first combo is: Impending Doom and Argus Agony, after a full launcher combo, if you use Impending Doom before Argus Agony, The first hit of impending will prevent the opponent from falling and will eat both blockbusters, which causes great damage and even greater if the stun or armor break effects kick in,This works with everyone.

    The second combo is composed of only two specials: Boxcar George and Bang, Bang, Bang!, after a full combo, throw Boxcar and directly after shoot the 3 rounds of Bang. The opponent almost never blocks the attacks, making it very reliable.
    Share all the combos you know about or add more details)

    Valentine has a weird way to cause great damage, the first way is the blockbuster Countervenom, Valentine is the only character that can *technically* have the same blockbuster many times, but the reason for this is the sub divisions, Sedative, Detox, and Paralysis. To have multiple Countervenoms you need to equip a different sub division. You can string up to two Countervenoms or even three if you are in the corner, this causes devastating damage and can deal even more damage if combined with Vial Hazard, Dead Cross or Checkmate Incision. All of this attack throw projectiles towards the opponent. Even thou it's not part of a combo, I would like to note the Forbidden Procedure, which can revive a teammate if used on top oa an opponent.
    (Share all the combos you know about or add more details)

    Big Band
    BIg Bands combo potential is great, he can make large combos with all of his specials, One I would like to note is Cymbal Clash to Giant Step to Brass Knuckles, This three specials combo into each other but watch out, if used after a ground combo, the opponent can attack through if he has a blockbuster with initial invencibility frames or armored attacks, but this combo causes stun most of the time and if used with Beat Box, this will fully charge a level three blockbuster, talking about levels three, a combo is Tuba Tuba to Take the 'A' Train or Super Sonic Jazz, both of this attack combo, but the best one is take the a train, due to the armor possibility. This combo is also great for Beat Box.
    (Share all the combos you know or add more details)

    Parasoul has the simplest combos with high damage output, yet I don't know much combos, the only one I know about is Canopy Bounce to Silent Scope or Motor Brigade, this combo can be pulled off from a ground combo and deals major damage. If anything other combo is Egret Moto to Napalm Shot, but I don't have any way to pulled it off safely.
    (Share all your combos or add more information)

    Most of all Painwheel combo are repeting one special, but one combo I know is Buer Theresher to Fracture Reaper or Hatred Install, Both of this attacks lead to high damage, if anything to land Fracture Reaper you have to attack a bit later.
    (Add anything you fell like and more details)

    With Eliza I can be more especific, there is Upper Khat, with it you can sneak in more damage after a full combo, also a combo Is Any Sehkmet blockbuster to any other Sehkmet blockbuster, to perform this you need land the first attack, ground combo, axe (launcher), use the next sehkmet blockbuster. This is particularly useful for variants such In Denile, and there is that.
    (add all extra information you think about)

    I don't know any combos for all the other characters. Add please.
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    L5 -> Launcher -> DAF -> Pummel Horse -> L5 -> Excebella -> Diamond Dynamo

    Consider Battle Butt for armor break utility or MGR for a bit of extra meter gain. Taunt isn't a bad choice either.


    L5 -> Impending Doom -> L5 -> Argus
    This drops two sets of Impending Doom.

    L5 -> Launcher -> DA -> L3 -> GDO
    This is a standard combo I do when I have no meter. Works on all characters


    Any less than 3 Countervenoms is a drop in versatility and damage.
    With a bit of meter gain you can get an infinite loop going in the corner.

    Pretty much everything combos out of CV. Forbidden Procedure is a nice utility move to have. It does good damage and pops the enemy up real high too.

    Midscreen: L5 -> Launcher -> J3 -> CV -> DA -> CV -> CV -> whatever you want (pref projectile)

    Corner: CV -> literally anything
    Infinite (corner only): CV -> L5 -> CV -> L5 -> CV -> L5 etc.

    Big Band

    Generally you want Noise Cancel for guaranteed stuns. SSJ and Beat extend are great and combo into each other. Take the A train also provides a great damage boost and combos well.

    Tech choice of Tympani Drive against lightweights as it combos after SSJ. Then can go into TTAT.


    She has iffy combos. Her DA2 can combo into L5 well in corner against lightweights.
    Canopy Bounce is one of her best tools. Provides a link into her BBs.

    I usually do
    L5 -> Napalm Shot -> Scope for a basic damage combo.
    Moto is too unreliable to use efficiently. Egret Call is a nice fast enrage.


    Cruel lily is very good.
    DA-> L5 -> Launcher -> J3 -> Cruel Lily -> Hatred Install/Death Crawl works with 0 metergain at 0 starting meter.

    Otherwise her combos seem pretty stale. More experimentation needed. Her flight grab is untechable and combos into some stuff.


    Theres a great combo video by @moisterrific on youtube. Sehkmet carries Eliza hard.


    Credits to @ImaiKari
    DA -> L5 -> Launcher -> J3 -> DA -> Chair -> Gigantic Arm
    Pretty standard BnB

    Getish Trepak with hype combos in the corner into DA I believe.

    DA -> L5 -> Launcher -> J3 -> Wulf Blitzer isnt bad either. Note that wulf blitzer gets 4 hits during hype. Can't go wrong with armor break.


    On light and medium characters she can DA -> L3/4 after a launcher without spending OTG.

    Lightweights + BB: Gregor -> Drill BB
    Mediumweights: Drill BB -> Gregor near corner

    L5 -> Launcher -> DA -> L3 -> Gregor -> Drill BB is decent. Switch based on matchup.

    Tricobezoar will combo after a gregor on a mid-air lightweight/heavyweight. You can Drill BB after Trico on lightweights.


    On lightweight and mediumweight:
    L5 -> Cilia -> buzzard -> Hornet -> BoG -> (wait) Car
    Alternatvely you can Cattelite after BoG and get some fancy tag in combos.

    Lightweight: Tag-in -> Cilia -> buzzard etc.

    Will format better when im home.
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    Thanks a lot, I thought I knew a lot about combos, seems like I didn´t!
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    Big Band:
    Noise Cancel > Dash > Ground combo > Launcher > Beat Extend > Take the 'A' Train.
    • You can sneak up almost any other SM/BB after Beat Extend, but it will always end the combo (Cymbal Clash, Super-Sonic Jazz).
    Dash > Ground combo > Merry Go-Rilla > Battle Butt
    Dash > Ground combo > Diamond Drop > Diamond Dynamo
    You already mentioned some Eliza combos, and tbh most of them, if not all, rely on Sehkmet resets and BB frames. Wether you get more hits in during those combos depends on the opponent's size.

    Dash > Ground combo > Launcher > Cruel Lilly > Pinion Dash > Death Crawl
    Dash > Ground combo > Launcher > Pinion Dash > Cruel Lilly > Buer Thresher
    • Gotta have the opponent against the wall for this one, also you have to wait after the Launcher until the opponent is falling so Pinion Dash launches higher up for Cruel Lilly and Buer Thresher to hit.
    Dash > Ground combo > Launcher > Air juggle > Cruel Lilly > Pinion Dash
    • Basically, Cruel Lilly and Pinion Dash serve as Painwheel's combo resets and enablers, so you can also lay them on top of each other. The only way I see Cruel Lilly being better is 'cause it doesn't push the opponent. I use both tho. I like the 2 SMs to 3 BBs ratio.
    You already mentioned Peacock's bread and butter, which is Impending Doom into Argus Agony, and also somewhat suggested how Boxcar George thrown after an Air juggle'll always hit as it messes up the 'standing-up frame', but you can queue up a George's Day Out before a throw for it to hit too, and also after an Air juggle against a wall.
    You guys already explained how almost every Valentine combo works, and it's pretty similar to Eliza in that sense; just BB frames and chaining. Maybe someone can elaborate a bit more on crazy combinations you can do from there. Any Countervenom into Checkmate Incision after an Air juggle's pretty standard.
    Dash > Ground combo > Launcher > Air juggle > Countervenom: Paralysis > Checkmate Incision​
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    As you guys mentioned, a boxecar George will have a guaranteed hit after a juggler finish, but you forgot to mention that using imñending doom just after a boxecar will 100% garantee thst it hits ad long as it isn't against Peacock or Painweel since they bounce differently they will get hit by boxecar but not the entire impending doom
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    Hey guys I'm back with a few more combos

    You can chain L5(except the last hit of L5) into gae bolga into L5 on some characters. With enough special move cooldown and enough gae bolgas this is an infinite, albeit a tough and risky one.

    Starting a combo with L5 instead of DA lets you get a faster DA after the J3. This allows combos like this with 0 meter gain.
    L5 - Launcher - DA - Chair - Blitzer (time it well) - gigantic arm
    This faster DA pops the enemies up higher and you can also do DA - KB near the corner for a wallbounce.

    Oh boy shes a doozy. Her charged DragNBite combos into L5. Her Silver Chord resets and staggers. Her Opera lets you charge up during it. DragNDrop and Draugen Punch launches them to the beyond realm.
    Get creative, you can easily get 80-90 combos. Which Im too lazy to write out :p
    Also c.Knockback wallbounces and center stage makes a wall. Fun combo though its not efficient.
    Keeping a charge up enhances her basic combo without using up the charge, so be sure you maintain it!
    Her L5 in the air catches a lot of fighters. One of the best basic combos in the game IMO thanks to the bonus hits with charge.
    Grab wallbouces which is lovely. Center stage again for a wall to bounce or a hitstop. Not optimal but fun.
    Lastly her tag in. Its a tough one to land but when it does its does good damage and wallbounces. One of the few tag ins you can combo out of, and one of the few tag ins you can combo into. I look forward to messing with it.

    Daisy pusher is evil. It only combos on grounded opponents and doesnt combo into anything. This makes me sad.
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    coming at you with information from console and how it applies here on mobile:
    when the devs said crumple stun was fixed to be invincible, they actually meant that it was fixed to work like in console where the initial part of the crumple is invincible and the latter part is vulnerable. those vulnerable frames mean that they can be combo'd from. mobile Squigly is a prime example of this as her moves allow her to combo off Daisy Pusher's crumple: Center Stage Seria (aka charged) has a forced hitstop (freeze frame) which if timed correctly can catch the opponent in a vulnerable frame, DragNBite hits low enough to be able to pick up the opponents from crumple, & SBO is a multitool!

    the current combo/setup i've been running is:
    dash (x1) → jab (x anywhere) → Daisy Pusher → wait a bit → DragNBite (cancelled after 3 hits or less) → SBO [→ The Silver Chord (if i had it)]
    if DragNBite whiffs, you can always grab them on wakeup since the AI goes on the defensive when SBO is out.
    here's a video of how characters can combo from crumple stun on console, there's 2 examples throughout the set (Squigly & Fukua)

    Center Stage Seria can also allow you to combo off her grab thanks to the forced hitstop
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    Center stage has cool applications but I dont think Id be using it outside of combo contests. Also thanks for the daisy tip! Though again, I feel like other moves require less resources to be useful. The fact that it only works on grounded opponents is a big factor too, though squigly has silver chord to make up for it.

    I forgot to mention grab utility, ill edit my above post.
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