Could trading exist

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    Could you add trading since that if the fight you couldn't get from a box, you could trade some fighters for the fighter you want. For example I want epic sax but I couldn't get it and all my theonite is gone, so I could trade my private dick for epic sax since I have another private dick.
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    One thing we have to watch out for is someone with many bot accounts opening Relics from the Daily Login bonus, then funneling all of the rewards to a master account.

    There's also the logistics of users using real dollars outside of the app to purchase characters they would like.
    Gold Armed Forces <> Bronze Rerun Peacock, HMMMMMMM.

    Could it exist? I personally think there are too many ways which dishonest users can get an unfair advantage, but I like the idea in theory!
    Maybe we can explore it in the future, but there are no plans for that right now.
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    If this were possible ppl would open multiple accounts when theyre handing out compensation.

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