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    I'm selling off my unused/unwanted skills to free up space and I saw one of them giving bonus to Disable Resist. I don't recon any debuff being called Disable, is there any? Or does it block give a chance to block every other debuff or what?

    This made me thinking. What happens when f.e. a skill that has 100% chance of applying Cripple (or any other debuff) hits a character with 100% chance to block Cripple. Is it additive and the chance to apply is 0% or what?
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    I think the disable resist is for countering the lock BB/special moves debuff
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    There are four variations of Disable:
    Blockbuster – stops charged BBs from being used, and stops meter gain on BBs that are not fully charged
    Special moves – stops ready SMs from being used, and pauses the cooldown on any moves not yet ready for use
    Tag-ins – stops the fighter from manually switching out to one of their allies, and pauses the cooldown if applicable
    Heal block – prevents Regeneration and Heavy Regeneration from taking effect, but does not remove them

    These all fall under Disable, so Disable Resist gives a chance to ignore all of them, though each debuff is applied separately. For example, if you are hit by a critical attack from a fully upgraded No Egrets Parasoul or Bad Ms Frosty Filia normally you would have your BBs, SMs and tag-ins disabled, but with Disable Resist you could ignore one, two or all three of the effects.

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