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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gwen Cohen, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Sep 13, 2017
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    So I just saved up 150 Theonite and waited patiently for today so I could buy a Valentine Relic and possibly get Last Hope Valentine, who I've wanted for ages. Which Valentine did I get? Icy Hot. Who I already have. Yeah I used the new one to power up the existing one, but it's extremely frustrating that almost every time I try to buy a relic (don't have money to buy theonite for 10), or I win a relic in-game, I get another bronze character that I don't really want. It feels like there's no chance to get Gold or even Silver characters. I know charas are randomly selected, but this is ridiculous, it happens constantly.
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    Jul 23, 2017
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    I used over 10k theonites on trying to get the weekend Wulfsbane and didn't get a single gold.

    So don't get your hopes up :3 :3 :3
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    Sorry to hear!

    If you're interested in the odds of getting the variant you want, you can check out this thread here which has our relic loot rates:

    If you're aiming for a Gold Valentine, and purchasing the character relic, then the rates are as follows:
    So you'll have a 75.74% chance to get a bronze like Icy Hot.

    If you do manage to save up Theonite to do a 10 pull, the bonus relic you receive has double the odds at a Gold and Silver Character:
    Which only has a 51.52% chance of getting a Bronze character.
    If you really want Last Hope, your best odds are with the Character Relic (Bonus).

    The more characters you collect, the closer you'll be to getting a Shard To Get relic, which guarantees a Silver character with a 5% chance for Gold.
    If you log in every day to complete the daily log in bonus added in 1.4.1, you'll receive the SILVER LINING relic which has a 10% chance at a Gold character, and a 90% chance for a Silver.

    There's a lot of opportunities for getting golds characters, but it is challenging to get a specific gold that you're looking for.
    I've seen a lot users also trying to get Last Hope with similar luck, she's a bit of a rare gem!
    The exclusive Golds are exclusive and difficult to acquire.

    If you'll settle for a different Valentine gold, you can try and get a high score on the Valentine Prize Fight to get Silent Kill.

    I hope you find one of the variants you're looking for!
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    My best advice is to wait for the 10 relic bundle. If you get all the daily missions and hit as many prize fight milestones as you can you can (plus all the Theonite you get from story missions), you can get the 1500 needed in a little over a week.
    That relic gets you a free bonus relic that has double the chances of getting a gold, so I would really recommend holding out for it.
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