1. [2018/06/22]
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New Profile Posts

  1. cappatacus
    Finally pulled Xeno, which MA?
    1. xcapibara
      Oct 19, 2019 at 12:00 AM
    2. Pit Frango
      Pit Frango
      Congratulations for the new character will be very useful .... about the MA I put Chaos in my ... then I use another character for support as a general surgeon
      Oct 19, 2019 at 2:44 PM
  2. Erick Draves
    Erick Draves
    Snake Bite will be the first beo that I actually would play. I like the character, but never get to use him at all!...
  3. 500TheoniteSeriously
    Marqueeing Bloodbath is happiness
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  4. BallotBoxer
    At first, it was like "oh, those 3 new variants will be in the Halloween relic." Then a parade of amazing diamonds kept marching in... :^o
  5. 500TheoniteSeriously
  6. Grans
    I'm M̴r̴ ̷P̷o̸p̴o̸ now
  7. FriendlyWolf
    Hyped about the new Beowulf variant!
  8. fanghoul
    Really can't wait for the next update, and I'm not sure why. I guess it just feels like it makes sense to open my relics after it?
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    2. 500TheoniteSeriously
      A lot seems to be coming for next update(s): new fighters, new calendar, sync pvp, new sub-stats, etc.
      Oct 15, 2019 at 6:58 PM
    3. Dusty00
      Same, waiting to open relics. It’s a big batch of QoL updates along with an entire revamp of stats. I think not knowing how they will adjust existing moves keeps me nervous and excited at the same time.
      Oct 15, 2019 at 8:12 PM
  9. Don't think, fight!
  10. Wally
    Antes se podía jugar sin internet, ¿porqué ahora no se puede?
  11. vinwin
    thks for your page, it is very peacefull , tks very much
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  12. A person
  13. 500TheoniteSeriously
    I just need an Inkling to 100% the whole story mode. Anyone donate pls?
  14. 500TheoniteSeriously
    15×3×7 + 55×3×2 = 315 + 330 = 645 theonite / week (approx.)
  15. Prof. Rokferbranes
    Prof. Rokferbranes
    Find me in the SG Discord under the username Peanut_Hut. I post custom cards on occasion and attempt to join conversations.
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  16. Tom Kulczewski
    Tom Kulczewski
    So how's the new sub-stats gonna affect old moves? I wouldn't want my Bleed res replaced by something like Tag-In CD...
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  17. Gylfie
    Three Oh Mais! I guess I can be Cellsai now, but I still have to gold and then diamond all of them...
  18. evilgordo
    Hmm...seems I have not opened a Daily Relic for whole year...achievement unlocked?
    1. eray94
      Yeah, you'll get Oh Mai for free:)
      Oct 11, 2019
  19. Rooster sock
  20. lothorie
    I want to thank all the devs for Indivisible, it’s really fun to play :D