• [2018/06/22]
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  • Bountiful Harvest:
    When defeating an opponent with a SINGLE HIT deals at least 20/18/15% health, gain 2 stacks of MIASMA for 20 seconds and inflict FATIGUE, CRIPPLE and HEAL BLOCK for 15 seconds to the next opponent.
    Heart of Darkness:
    When defeating an opponent suffering from a DEBUFF, gain 3 stacks of MIASMA and inflict 3 random DEBUFFS on the next opponent for 10/15/20 seconds each.
    Finally we got adjustment! Especially Megalomaniac and Raw nerv are what I really wanted for.
    What makes me even happier is that my original custom fighter “Bountiful Harvest”’s sig2 was referenced in the Heart of Darkness’s reworked sig2. Info of two sigs are above. My original post of BH is here.
    My second favorite is “Supreme Brave💕 I'm secretly hoping that one day a neutral Dahlia will be added (I wonder if the tag-in attack and the third bullet will be random)
    It's been a long time since I first joined, but let me give brief introduction here…

    I’m SGM fan from Japan🇯🇵! Usually I’m in custom fighters thread, but sometimes post thread about reworking suggestions of poor fighters.

    Comments about the fighter rework in my thread is always welcome! From positive to negative one, all comments will be helpful in creating my future rework suggestions.
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