• [2018/06/22]
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Al Qedic
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  • Finally, the shard system they talked about ages ago will come to fruition. Looking forward to it, and all the other additions! ♡
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    Al Qedic
    Al Qedic
    Aaaaand now new tier is confirmed...I'm a bit scared for the drop rates of that now...maybe it'll be exclusive to its own rarity relic via the shard system. That wouldn't be too bad
    Congrats on SGM turning 1 year old today! I've only been around since December, but the experience has been nothing but positive. ♡
    Opened a 10+1 Squigly, got 3 Stage Fright, 4 Scared Stiff, 3 Dead Heats, and one Nearly Departed. Other people are already getting Golds lol
    Glad to see that Shun Goku Saltsu is a confirmed Squigly BB3, thanks to the Poltergust clip on Twitter. Looking forward to it!
    Finally have an Oh Mai!...now to get another one so I can get one to max level Gold and the other to max level Silver! :D
    1,115 Theonite, just about to get 25 from a level-up. Just 360 away from a 10+1 character relic pull.
    1,015 Theonite. Maybe a few days of grinding more and I'll at least have enough for a 10+1 for Squiggles.
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