• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Perm Enrage clears existing Enrage stacks

    Tony, great post! I think we're talking about slightly different issues though. The bug I found isn't that Raw Nerv lost permanent enrage, it's that Raw Nerv lost 5 stacks of timed enrage because it gained permanent enrage. Nonetheless, it seems possible that these two behaviors might be...
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    Bug - Normal Perm Enrage clears existing Enrage stacks

    I was playing in today's Daily Event vs. Raw Nerv and the opposing Painwheel had accrued 5 stacks of enrage while being juggled. Part-way through my combo its health dropped below the Death's Door threshold and it gained permanent enrage (as expected). However, this caused the Painwheel to lose...
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    Bug - Normal Daily Event skip to boss

    So in the latest Daily Event (Routine Checkup) I can jump straight to the boss without completing any of the fights. Only on Basic though, and Wednesday Night Rawr, which is also available, does not have this issue. Before entering the Daily at all, the completion level shows 7%. Once inside...
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    Bug - Normal No tag-in after dying

    This has happened to me as well, twice now. It was the opponent who did not tag in, though. I could tag in and out with my own characters and use abilities, etc. Nothing made my opponent tag in, though, and I timed out. I was playing as Peacock both times, and both times I had used a special...
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    Other Initial Thoughts

    Oh man that cerebella AI. She is rage inducing. ;)
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    Story Removal of experience gain penalty

    In prize fights you will get matched against similarly leveled teams unless you are on a win streak. It's great for leveling up new fighters for this reason. It does take awhile to get levels from this once you are at lvl 20 (your Peacock) though since it costs 4 blue energy to enter a prize...
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    Fights Increase match timer?

    I've had several recent losses in story mode due to running out of time and I'm wondering why those matches are timed at all. I'm not trying to cheese the AI; the matches can go long because the opponent is much higher level than me so I do less damage and have to engage strategically. This...