• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Crescent Rose

    OFFICIAL: 1.2.1 Update Notes

    Will the removal of zero point scorers affect the rewards for this current pf?
  2. Crescent Rose

    Tier lists and build guides are cancer.

    I agree. Tier lists allow new players to discern what characters to invest/ abuse. This is nice they allow new players to progress faster
  3. Crescent Rose

    Prize Fights Live?

    I see this happening all the time. I've also seen it happen when I enter with a gold. They shud fix it......
  4. Crescent Rose

    Big Ben's Beatdown Bronze/Silver/Gold

    1.5 million. Top 1% - 9%. Just curious, how many points does it take to place top 10?
  5. Crescent Rose

    OFFICIAL: Fighter Relic Loot Rates

    I feel like it would be a lot nicer if we can guarantee a gold whenever 10 relics are purchased at once. This would help a lot of people with rng.
  6. Crescent Rose

    In what order should I do my upgrades?

    Should I max out my slivers, or wait to get a gold?
  7. Crescent Rose

    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    Holy I have the same thing. I opened like 45 and got nothing. Im still waiting on my first gold......
  8. Crescent Rose

    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    This is a large reason why i like this game. A free to play player can still do extremely well. I managed to place top 100 with just a low rated silver team. The highest FP i have is a 1000. PS: the grind is still extremely fun tho :)
  9. Crescent Rose

    In what order should I do my upgrades?

    Characters, blockbusters or upgrades? ;)
  10. Crescent Rose

    In what order should I do my upgrades?

    I haven't really done upgrades on my characters. I was wondering what upgrades are generally worth it and if there are any exceptions for specific characters. Also what standout abilities/ blockbusters are worth maxing?
  11. Crescent Rose

    Quick Little Story Rant

    I was quite lucky, I beat it before the infinite tap combo issue was fixed. I just went into game as filia and just tapped away.
  12. Crescent Rose

    All combat effects explained!

    Does armor apply after defence damage reduction or before?
  13. Crescent Rose

    Moisterrific's Valentine Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Any tips on playing valentine? When I play her she feels awkward.....