• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Cut'n'cat

    Suggestion about TUBATUBA

    Is it possible to be able to play the trumpet before the TUBATUBA like the non-mobile version? I think it's a good idea to score the trumpet in advance and play it in front of TUBATUBA.
  2. Cut'n'cat


    When's ANNIE? …'s birthday?
  3. Cut'n'cat

    accuracy's question

    Then, what about "METER GAIN"?
  4. Cut'n'cat

    accuracy's question

    Is the inherent ability of ICY HOT and BASE LINE affected by Accuracy?
  5. Cut'n'cat

    Card pose's question

    can you tell me Nyanotech and Purrminator...? This is really the end.
  6. Cut'n'cat

    Card pose's question

    Ohhhhhhh Thank you so much! By the way, I confirmed that "Weekend Warrior" was "defeated due to time out", but I could not find the same pose. Maybe it's a defeat without a chair? Also... I didn't know the card pose for "Underdog"... I'm really sorry
  7. Cut'n'cat

    Card pose's question

    I didn't know how to paste the image. If I made a mistake.go to Twitter's URL(Please refer to the following). Also, the unknown pose is Beowulf's. Cat was elucidated. https://twitter.com/JUDAPOID/status/1291727048864456711?s=19
  8. Cut'n'cat

    Card pose's question

    Thank you. But,SNAKE BITE is different. He is trying to take a chair with one hand like a geatish trepak's end. By the way, it's not Geatish Trepak. The facial expressions are different.
  9. Cut'n'cat

    Card pose's question

    What kind of motion does the pose of the fighter card come from? I don't know are the following fighters BEOWULF - SNAKE BITE BEOWULF - WEEKEND WARRIOR MS.FORTUNE - PURRFECT DARK I didn't understand these three. It is desirable to reply in such a format as MK, LP, etc.
  10. Cut'n'cat

    Characters Card picture's scene quote

    Which scene is the quote of SQUIGLY-PLOT TWISTED's card?
  11. Cut'n'cat

    Bug - Normal Double's Aerial Combo bug

    There is a bug that the air combo cannot be connected when Double turns into a coffee cup during the battle between Double and Double, and when the air combo is unopened.
  12. Cut'n'cat

    Fights A little dangerous Combo

    This combo is established with very severe timing. For the time being, we recommend that you make corrections before practicing.
  13. Cut'n'cat

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    That change is bad. This causes confusion for many Japanese players. Just as you say "sabituki" to Americans, you don't know when you say "ラスティ" to Japanese. Sentences translated into Japanese have humor for the Japanese, and humor for the Americans is hard to convey (except in some cases).
  14. Cut'n'cat

    Resolved Flesh Step's bug

    Double can't be used flesh step after throw
  15. Cut'n'cat

    100% damage combo in Competition mode

    D1→L5→Systemic circuit breaker→D2→Headrone Salvo*3(Head missile)→Catastrophe cannon γ→Magnet trap