• [2018/06/22]
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    Other A 10 Seconds Undo Button

    Use the heart symbol at the top-right top designate the move as a favourite.
  2. digdugprophetie

    Unholy Host rebalance.

    An update to outtakes could help rebalance this. For instance give each character a 15-25-50% to inflict a random debuff for five seconds to the incoming fighter when an outtake is used, with the debuffs varying from character to character. If Unholy was forced in with hex, the fight would...
  3. digdugprophetie

    pushing out enemies

    Oh dear.... I traveled to an alternate dimension where this rule had been implemented, and it was not taken well! In the original version of the rift battle, the defender had to set the defence team with skill and strategy, while the attacker uses cunning techniques to try and knock the...
  4. digdugprophetie

    disbalanced character

    Robo-fortune's rotation hazard special is fun to use against Unholy.
  5. digdugprophetie

    Characters LAPIS LUXURY

    Any non-bronze fighter whose Signature Ability activates only once per match (Lapis Luxury, Grey Matter, GI Jazz, Heart of Darkness etc) should be in serious consideration for a rework. A million plus canopy coins is to steep of an investment to put in for that. I hope Eliza's AI is given a...
  6. digdugprophetie

    OFFICIAL - 5.3.1 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Full Release - Now LIVE!

    It feels as though the community had deemed Dark Might to be a "bad" variant and put pressure on Hidden Variable to modify his abilities in such a way. I'd always used him as a tool to level silver fodders via prizefight longshots, after Holodeck became gated by tickets (please please please HV...
  7. digdugprophetie

    OFFICIAL - 5.3.1 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Full Release - Now LIVE!

    I'm most excited about the balance changes coming in the new update. Furry Furry is going to be an absolute chainsaw in prizefights, and decent as a second fighter in rift defence. Dark Might is now viable as well, and now Regally Blonde looks to have become a passable defender (if the AI plays...
  8. digdugprophetie

    OFFICIAL: 5.3 Veiled Premiere Relic Updates

    If HV are using the MAJOR.MINOR.BUGFIX.BUILD release numbering system then I would expect guilds to be announced with an increment to the first value, "6.0". For me I'm trying to remember if gameplay mechanic rebalances and character reworks were done under minor releases in the past, but bad...
  9. digdugprophetie

    Beginnings & Ends (January Prize Fight)

    One thing I've liked about this prizefight is that HV has not gone down the road of awarding exclusives as 150 million rewards or random event relic pulls. Doing so would have set a difficult precedent to maintain- and helps keep the excitement factor alive when a player does pull an elemental...
  10. digdugprophetie

    Other Gift Conversion Placement

    The more people open the STORE section, the higher the chance that players will stay and perform a cash microtransaction. It's the same reason why grocery stores place the milk, eggs, and other things which people plan on purchasing far from the store entrance while lining the path to those...
  11. digdugprophetie

    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    It has forced me to save the Theonite I would have otherwise wasted on CoC refreshes, being that the odds of getting whichever item I'd needed at that particular moment have gone way down. I'm still hopeful that we will also begin to see Daily Event tickets as a rare gold gift drop in an...
  12. digdugprophetie

    OFFICIAL: Daily Events & Upcoming Economy Updates

    Even allowing the Red tickets to be used for Dailies would be a tremendous help. My previous grind would be to use Holodeck for leveling up fodders. I've maxed the prestige for all the natural bronzes and silvers, so I use them to make golds for diamond evolution. Before the Dailies nerf I...
  13. digdugprophetie

    OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!

    The reduction in available coins means that realistically I will never be able to level up enough moves to effectively utilise the layout feature unless I spend money on canopy coins. It would have even been a decent move to increase the canopy coins given out in the subscription from 50k to 75k...
  14. digdugprophetie

    show off your shiny collection!

    RNG has been good with me with regard to shinies. Definitely has not been with moves, I'm lucky if I get a 2/3 stat move. The most useful shiny I've pulled has by far been Rock Star. In rift, starting with RS, dash back to do a Ringlet Spike, inflict bleed, then tap at the enemy to get permanent...