• [2018/06/22]
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    Resolved GAME FREEZING MID-FIGHT post 6.2.1

    Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 SM-F946U1, 12GB RAM
  2. digdugprophetie

    Other Begone, Red Rift Tickets

    I have no clue where all my red tickets came from, but as a casual G1 rifter myself- I also seem to have a few hundred sitting there, collecting mold. Being able to use them for Daily events, Holodeck Hazards, or Accursed Experiments would be phenomenal- but that would probably ruin the canopy...
  3. digdugprophetie

    Bug - Normal So i wasn't alone. (Freeze bug issue)

    With regard to gifts, check to see if the "last online" time is populated when opening your friend list. If that value doesn't show, then the game will likely freeze when attempting to send/receive gifts or when entering rift, relic, collection, or prizefight screens. Best to restart at that...
  4. digdugprophetie


    I feel as though this will usher in the era of 120m+ 10% scores in Diamond-class character prizefights (especially Band, Beowulf, Filia). Hoping that's not the case!
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    Other Rift & Catalyst balance suggestion

    This would mess with me so hard! If they did this, they should also allow a transfer of coin investment from one catalyst to another as a small compensation.
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    Collection Prizefight milestone rework

    Would it be worth modifying the reward granted at reaching the 12,000,000 milestone in Diamond-class character prizefights? Instead of giving the player 5 gold move relics, perhaps 5 character-specific move rerolls? By the time a player is able to routinely able to reach this milestone, the...
  7. digdugprophetie

    Characters Balance change suggestions of Raw nerv & Star-spangled

    As someone who actually uses Spangled, this sounds great. I just fear that HV may have abandoned the idea of reworking existing variants now that they've introduced a monetized means of bringing in new ones.
  8. digdugprophetie

    Other Red ticket rework

    Are there plans to modify the way in which players can choose to use their resources? After a certain point in the game, players will have accumulated more lower-tier keys and red tickets than they can realistically use. Building multiple bronze fighters in order to complete match challenges is...
  9. digdugprophetie

    Yellow gift drop rate

    How many yellow gifts do you win during a normal day? I feel as though the drop rate of gifts in general, and yellow gifts in specific, decreases dramatically as the game progresses.
  10. digdugprophetie

    Other Re-update on Audio Sound Voice Settings

    Would this also apply to the battle start?
  11. digdugprophetie

    Other A 10 Seconds Undo Button

    Use the heart symbol at the top-right top designate the move as a favourite.
  12. digdugprophetie

    Unholy Host rebalance.

    An update to outtakes could help rebalance this. For instance give each character a 15-25-50% to inflict a random debuff for five seconds to the incoming fighter when an outtake is used, with the debuffs varying from character to character. If Unholy was forced in with hex, the fight would...
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    pushing out enemies

    Oh dear.... I traveled to an alternate dimension where this rule had been implemented, and it was not taken well! In the original version of the rift battle, the defender had to set the defence team with skill and strategy, while the attacker uses cunning techniques to try and knock the...
  14. digdugprophetie

    disbalanced character

    Robo-fortune's rotation hazard special is fun to use against Unholy.
  15. digdugprophetie

    Characters LAPIS LUXURY

    Any non-bronze fighter whose Signature Ability activates only once per match (Lapis Luxury, Grey Matter, GI Jazz, Heart of Darkness etc) should be in serious consideration for a rework. A million plus canopy coins is to steep of an investment to put in for that. I hope Eliza's AI is given a...