• [2018/06/22]
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    Other Found a grammatical error

    Wow! You are very polite. If i misunderstand something on DBL Reddit, people there are very rude
  2. Diony

    Move Slot Capacity

    I feel you
  3. Diony

    OFFICIAL FAQ: Annie 2nd Encore (+ New Character?!)

    This is awesome. I'm really excited with this News
  4. Diony

    New fighters

    Valentine's Day, I Hope
  5. Diony

    I would like a Guild System

    I would like a Guild System
  6. Diony

    Thank You. This is helpful

    Thank You. This is helpful
  7. Diony

    Take This 🌂

    Take This 🌂
  8. Diony

    Peacock's commented Tier List

    Try this https://sgm.netlify.app/ratings https://skullgirlsmobile.fandom.com/wiki/Tier_List https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10TKvYrJskD0KchSVSiVwBU-nK17WLAbb/edit#gid=943770141
  9. Diony

    Peacock's commented Tier List

    This tier list is a little old (2018)
  10. Diony

    "Timeless Hero" - Strategy & Discussion

    What's the best moveset for her? Besides SAGAN BEAM and GRAVITY SLINGSHOT
  11. Diony

    "FREEDOM FIGHTER" - General Strategy and Discussions

    Wait, what? I love Caps
  12. Diony

    Are you from Brazil?

    Are you from Brazil?
  13. Diony

    How to deal with annoying defense

    Purminator: Each CRITICAL HIT permanently increases DAMAGE by 1/2/3%.
  14. Diony

    How did I deal with misfortune

    Try Eliza
  15. Diony


    I'm Brazillian