• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Filia moves in Fukua gold pf rewards

    Don't know if it was intended, but I got Filia's drill tempered and born with it (they are Filia's, I checked) with Fukua vaporvawe vixen in Fukua's gold pf reward mail. Also, can't post whole screenshot because it's apparently too big, so here's it's crucial part.
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    Resolved Gifts from mail dissapeared.

    Well, it's not really a bug, it's pretty much oversight, but still. I had 45 pink gifts and 5 gold gifts (50 total) and claimed 5th day of gifting reward, which was 5 gold gifts. Since gift capacity is 50, gifts from mail disappeared. Well, should've gift my friends first, but I think at least a...
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    Other SGM Chat Filtering Feedback

    Well, "nsfw" shouldn't be censored too IMHO. And "dominate" and other forms of "domination" are not always insulting and can be used peacefully.
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    Other Reduce the daily relic cooldown by 5~10 minutes

    Why not just reset it everyday at midnight? And take a break one every 4 hours starting at midnight.
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    Fights Rift matchmaking is (almost) impossible for some players

    Still rookie tier. Still 2 opponents per week max. Since I'm almost ignored and and everyone else is ok with new rifts, here some of my new thoughts: If rift battles occurs between two opponents with close deck strength, does it mean that it doesn't matter for rating if you have strong...
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    Fights Rift matchmaking is (almost) impossible for some players

    For some reason I can't post link to original post from Known Issues & Bugs. Well, any link. It was a reply to Lukes' "Rift failed to fined opponent since update" post.
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    Fights Rift matchmaking is (almost) impossible for some players

    So, basically, with new "fair" matchmaking system it is almost impossible for me being level 64 in rookie tier to find "fair" opponent simply because there is almost nobody who matches me. I matched with same guy twice and nobody else in 2 days of constant searching for oponent. Well, as I...
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    Bug - Normal Rift failed to fined opponent since update

    Well, with this new matchmaking system I simply can't find "fair" opponents because I'm lvl64 in rookie tier, and (almost) nobody else is lvl64 rookie. Well, there is no perfect competitive rating system with everyone being happy, but before the 3.2 update it was at least playable. Next is just...
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    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Then I apologize if my accusation was wrong. As I said, that was just too weird and no other player with similar fighters did it in one run before as you did. And it's weird that you even found my message here so soon too. :/ Anyway, it's up to Skullgirls team to decide whether you're a cheater...
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    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Started a rift battle, went to pf, returned to see all my defences down in one run. Enemy doesn't really have many good fighters. Can't say if it's a cheater, but still, it's too weird. Screenshots taken 6:20 am GMT+7