• [2018/06/22]
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Fights Rift matchmaking is (almost) impossible for some players


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Jan 5, 2019
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So, basically, with new "fair" matchmaking system it is almost impossible for me being level 64 in rookie tier to find "fair" opponent simply because there is almost nobody who matches me. I matched with same guy twice and nobody else in 2 days of constant searching for oponent.
Well, as I mentioned in original post, there is no perfect competitive rating system with everyone being happy, but before the 3.2 update it was at least playable.

The following is simply my opinion which you can ignore, it is not call to action, and sorry for potato english.

Ok, so, there is no simple way to measure skill. Let's say, it is measured by rift rating points. "Good" players with good skill can simply stop trying and decrease in ratings, putting themselfs next to "not so good" players, dominate them and feel good while others will feel that It's unfair. That is what devs are trying to prevent. (Right?)

But, on the other hand, any player at any point must be able to get to any rating. It was impossible before, i.e. when player had 0 rift points while nobody else does and there is nobody else close enougth to climb from there. Now it is more so, because not only there can be nobody close to your rating, there is even less people with your level and fighters scores. So, some player can and will be stuck forever without being able to get any tasty rift battle rewards whatsoever.

So, how to make it so every figth would be fair and nobody is stuck? In my opinion, it is simply impossible, because it is in the core of competetive matches: somebody wins, somebody loses. Winner is happy, looser is not.

So, (once again, only in my opinion,) working matchmaking > fairness.

But there is a way (actually, many ways) to balance players rating allocation.
1) Ranking up or down should be accelerated based on loose and win streaks. This won't stop unfair matchmaking, but at least make it less likeable.
2) Rift rating should decay with time only at (very) high tiers. 7 battles completion is enougth for stopping players from idle farming rewards.
3) Matchmaking system must look not for sutable player inside constant range, but a closest player to your rift rating inside your tier or closest to your tier.
4) Matchmaking system must take more than 5 minutes, and not trigger instantly when there is a matching opponent, but after comparing some matching players with each other. Who searches for more time, who has closer lvl and fighter score, etc. has more priority.
5) Please add notifications when matchmaking is complete!
6) There must be no restriction for matches per day. This just slows down players from finding their place in rating.
7) Try not to bottlneck matchmaking, it never ends well. (I bet there is a good math solution for distribution).

This will not prevent unfair matchmaking, but at least make it less likeable, while not breaking everything up. And, once again, it's only my opinion, I may be wrong in many ways, some of this might be impossible to make, I am not game developer or competetive matchmaking expert.

(6 wins before update, 2 after.)
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For some reason I can't post link to original post from Known Issues & Bugs. Well, any link.
It was a reply to Lukes' "Rift failed to fined opponent since update" post.
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Still rookie tier. Still 2 opponents per week max.
Since I'm almost ignored and and everyone else is ok with new rifts, here some of my new thoughts:

If rift battles occurs between two opponents with close deck strength, does it mean that it doesn't matter for rating if you have strong fighters? Like, is someone with a lot of diamonds is less likely to get in diamond tier than an experienced player with a new account with only 20 bronze chars? He will never get opponent with strong defenses, and with fighting experience he will never loose, and with all that theo he gets he can only purchase catalysts instead of relics.

And wouldn't it be better if instead of 5 minutes of search there would be infinite search for opponent with a cancellation button?

And why not finish the battle when both teams finished defeating opponent's defenses? Rift usually finished within 1 hour if both opponents start fighting straight away.
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