• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Hikalgo

    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    The update was so good what was the need to do this?
  2. Hikalgo

    Oro al máximo

    Posiblemente se refiere a un oro natural, por lo menos eso me paso a mi
  3. Hikalgo

    Move Slot Capacity

    I feel the same, I would have to make the combos less dependent on the blockbusters. To achieve that (by that I mean to maintain interest and that there are no such complaints)
  4. Hikalgo


    Hahaha this is the comment that I can relate to the most, I really want a ""mirror mode"" it would add a much needed freshness to the game, and the automatic mode I don't disagree I think they should leave it available for high levels (40 or 50) because there are battles so easy that wasting...
  5. Hikalgo


    I stopped playing skullgirls Mobile intensely a few years ago but they seem to want to give the game more seriousness, and that is something I will always appreciate and they will receive my support to make this game more respectable.
  6. Hikalgo

    Perfect balance

    It has never happened to me before (or at least as far as I remember) and it has caught my attention. And I ended up winning (in case you had any doubts).
  7. Hikalgo


    I have asked myself something similar, what has crossed their minds? Who at level 20 (or higher) still uses fight assist? They should remove it, it's just useless (even newbies don't use it) they treat their audience like fools, what a bad joke! I found these really insulting.
  8. Hikalgo

    baneo medio raro

  9. Hikalgo

    Las grandes (e importantes) diferencias entre SGM y SG

    Evidentemente no busco ver una capa tan superficial busco evidenciar el trabajo regular y conformista que nos estan dando (los desarrolladores) sería difícil pero de hacerlo (como Flappy fighter) se entendería su gran pasión por el juego lo cual no se nota y creo que no existe.
  10. Hikalgo

    Las grandes (e importantes) diferencias entre SGM y SG

    Se que muchas de las mismas son obvias incluso aceptables, pero aun asi no sobra evidenciar las diferencias entre el skullgirls de moviles y el de pc, y el por qué esté último es insanamente mejor que la versión móvil lo cuál es curioso incluso un poco lamentable (para los fans) que la empresa...
  11. Hikalgo

    This not being able to delete your own posts/publications is bullshit.

    I just wanted to say that, thank you.