• [2018/06/22]
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Recent content by Lin

  1. Lin

    Collection Additional Filters

    Thats Nice, a fine addiction would be filtering by Max Hp so you can know what character is your "Tank"
  2. Lin

    Fights Doom in Rift battles

    Also you can use final stand to survive doom
  3. Lin

    Fights Advanced accursed experiments

    I loved the idea of the accursed experiments: a place where you can fight NPCs with strong and unmatched power, and i think we could get an cooler AE, when you can get elemental fragments, and that changes every week to a specific thematic: Element or Character. With full diamonds even stronger...
  4. Lin

    Other Show Hidden stat buffs

    I want to see how much i buffed my damage with Purrminator, when i have a damage steal and etc. When modifier is active, i souls know, how much time i need to wait till its active again. They could all be put under your healthbar with Symbols just like a normal buff, but with unique images...