• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Luckimn

    Advanced AI shenanigans

    https://imgur.com/a/PtjMt Past 10 win it get pretty unfair, I get it ahah. On the other hand, the AI is having real trouble at handling Primed Parasoul. Most of the time, they'll just stay in guard an do nothing while i'm in fury, letting me all the time I want to setup and get in for a throw...
  2. Luckimn

    What type of characters have you gotten from relics?

    Yeah that's what I'm doing, but gosh it takes time... Need to defeat that armed force cerebella on the advanced last chapter (fs around 5000), and she's a real pain ! I wonder if there is a pity timer for golds or something. Look kinda sad to only rely on luck
  3. Luckimn

    Post your collection

    I'm new to SG, I started 3 weeks ago so I don't have many characters yet (even If i played a lot ! lev 33 atm). But, being an insanely lucky man I got myself some nice gold pretty early on ahah https://imgur.com/a/jj1AD
  4. Luckimn

    What type of characters have you gotten from relics?

    As always I lucked out like hell. I got all the damn gold champs in about 2 weeks, expected the ones you can only have in specific relic. For now my favs are Primed PS (******** op monster) and parasite filla (stun combo is also pretty broken). But the drawback is that mission requiring only...