• [2018/06/22]
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Mai Waifu
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  • Just noticed Fukua doesn't even have a forum subsection in the Characters section. I guess we know who won't be coming to the game. RIP
    Amount of Primed Parasouls: 4 Amount of Princess Pride Parasouls: 0 I guess the game really doesn't want me to get the exclusive one.
    Just got a score of 25 million within the first 24 hours of the prize fight, that's gotta be a new record, right?
    Just noticed the wind element symbol looks like a fidget spinner and I'm just wondering what is life right now.
    Accidentally broke my 170 win streak in the gold prize fight because I accidentally took level 10 silvers into the gold prize fight.End me
    zack crimson
    zack crimson
    Damn, I can only imagine how destroyed those poor silvers got.
    That soul-crushing moment when an Untouchable Peacock absorbs the last hit of your 8-cost blockbuster and makes the damage 0.
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    Did a George cross your path?
    Literally got timed out in a daily event because unstoppable kept procing on the first hit after it wore off. 15%? More like 75%
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