• [2018/06/22]
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  1. MiiJack

    OFFICIAL: 3.3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Can you also please somehow fix the lag (I'm playing on Samsung Galaxy A3 2017) on fighter selection (usually when there are 3 on each side)? It lags alot when you touch a character.
  2. MiiJack

    Other Requesting some options

    While it was just an example, I tried playing at full pretty, and the game lags the more the battle goes on. (I know it means my phone can't handle it, just thought if tweaking some things would make it playable at that) Thanks anyway.
  3. MiiJack

    Other Requesting some options

    As the title says, I would like to have an option to disable damage numbers. When I use Parasoul's BB3, the game lags more and more until the end of the move. If it is possible, could you separate the voice volume from the sound fx, thank you.
  4. MiiJack

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    Since new characters are in the scope, will you also make DLC for the base game?
  5. MiiJack

    Other Can we have an option to disable the flash when a character dies?

    I usually play when it's night time, so can we have that option as it's beginning to hurt my eyes. Thanks.